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The Curious Case Of The ‘Feminism Pisachini’ That Scares Indian MRA Types

Posted: September 26, 2019

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A men’s rights group has announced a ‘pisachinimukti puja’ to end feminism and free men of ‘feminist women’. Let’s look at what is at stake, shall we?

The latest attack on Indians, especially Indian Men and Indian Culture (Sanskriti) is by a new demon called #FeminismPisachini

Feminism Pisachini is basically a supernatural syndrome that affects the womenfolk in your homes, offices, colleges or society, which makes them appear crazy, and such insane stuff.

‘Education’ is also one of the reasons for this.

These women usually sit demurely in the kitchens, cooking for the men in the house, and spreading their legs for their Man’s pleasure ‘On Demand’.

But after being attacked by this evil bug of Feminism Pisachini, they suddenly start demanding stupid things like ‘Equality’.

Under the guise of this ‘so called equality’ they seek dominance, entitlement, and privileges without responsibility.

Some examples of this are:

  • Dominance in having their say in the household instead of shutting up when they are told to.
  • Entitlement to take decisions on their own for their own life which should naturally be controlled by the men.
  • Privilege to walk safely on the roads or go to the office without being eve teased, molested or raped.
  • If they are indeed raped or molested they refuse to take any responsibility for the act, and infact have the audacity to blame the men for raping them after being tempted or provoked by them by wearing short clothes, or sarees, or Salwar Kameez or any other such tempting piece of clothing.
  • They talk about stupid stuff like ‘Marital Rape’ when it is clearly understood that a wife has to put out whenever her husband demands and should infact be grateful at being considered as a vessel of pleasure by her husband.

It is important that all Men be aware of such women affected by ‘Feminism Pisachini’ and take immediate preventive measures to stop the propagation of this evil by whacking their wives once in a while to keep them in their place.

Women affected by ‘Feminism Pisachini’ should immediately fall into the feet of their nearest man and seek his blessings for cure.

‘Feminism Pisachini’ is a technical term for such affected women. For the ease of doing abuses you can also refer to them as “bitch”, “whore”, “slut” or “randi.”


Disclaimer: No Men were harmed during the writing of this post. Any resemblance of those people who came up with this concept to perfect A Class Idiots is purely coincidental.

Note: The writer has a strong belief in his writing skills and is hence confident that his snarky cynicism comes through clearly in this write-up. In case he is sadly mistaken about his writing prowess, he would like to state explicitly that this post is meant to be sarcastic.

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