How To Keep The Spark Alive In A Relationship

No relationship will always remain the same. But you can take some small steps to live happily with your love. Keep your spark alive.

In the starting days of a relationship, you are full of love and excitement. You think that you are the luckiest one, who has everything in the world. The touch of your loved one gives you goosebumps, it is that feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

But after a few years, with time as you grow older, everything changes. You don’t give proper time and attention to each other due to your responsibilities towards your family. You don’t walk hand in hand like before. Habits of your partner which you loved first, makes you irritated now. You feel flat with each other.

It all happens because your relationship is matured enough. And you both are not giving desire attention to your relation. It doesn’t mean you both don’t love each other, you are still in love but you both think that your love does not need any kind of validation. You both wait for each other to make the first move. You don’t want to initiate from your side. And It is the biggest reason for “losing the spark in relationships”.

It’s important to keep things interesting in a relationship. Bring the spark back in your relationship. Because one can not live happily without Love. Let your spouse know you love them.

I am giving you some tips to Bring the spark back.

  • Sharing is caring – Let’s start sharing your thoughts with each other. Why don’t you sit together for a hot coffee and share your idea’s with your partner. Healthy communication is the base of any relationship. Share whatever comes to your mind with your loved one. Let them know about your day & activities.
  • Remember your old days together – You can look at your old photos or videos together. Remember your partner’s silly things or talks which make you both smile.
  • Let him know how much you care about him/her. Show your affection.
  • Give them compliments, like if your man is looking nice in a shirt, give him a compliment.
  • Appreciate the efforts that your partner did for you.
  • Sometimes a hug can say everything that you can’t say. Give them a cuddle.
  • If you both are engaged in an argument, it’s better to quiet at that time. Tell them your words when they are in a good mood.
  • Take breaks from your busy schedule and let’s go out somewhere. You can plan short trips.
  • Make something delicious for them that they like the most.
  • Go for an evening or night walk with each other just like before. Take their hand in your hand and walk for a mile.
  • Say Them how much you love him/her. Many of us think that it’s not mandatory to say “love you” to your spouse but dear I am telling you It’s a great healer. These three words give your partner a feel-good feeling.
  • Go for a movie date in which you both are interested like previously.
  • Put your phone down and let’s start a healthy conversation with your dear one.
  • Whenever you are saying something to your love make sure that you both are looking at each other. Because your brain feels more connected to your better half through eye contact.
  • Laugh together because it’s great therapy. If you want to keep your spark alive then try this.
  • Physical intimacy is important in any relationship it’s the strongest way to connect with your loved one so maintain it.
  • After having kids, it’s tough for you both to manage all the things but takes things easily. Give your attention, affection and love to your kids. Because they will learn whatever they are seeing. Having kids is also the greatest gift from God. So love them unconditionally. Play with them together. And you will see a “happy family”.

One more thing that I never forget to say is, be kind, be humble and be polite with your partner. No relationship will always remain the same. But you can take some small steps to live happily with your love. Keep your spark alive.

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