How Important Are We As Women

Dear ladies, be a woman who lives life on her own conditions. Be a woman who loves herself first, be a woman who knows how to achieve her dreams, be a woman who spreads happiness everywhere.

My dear amazing ladies throughout the world. This article is all about you, about us. Did you ever realize that how important we are ? We have the power to create, nurture and transform a new life inside us. “Woman” one of the best creation of God. We are the one who has a lot of courage. If a woman wants something then she can achieve it. Generally people compare us with men but, there is no comparison in between man and woman.

They both have different identities, different qualities, and especially woman has so many qualities that a man can’t have. For woman, no matter how typical the situation is, she has the courage to face everything. She always tries at her level best for each and every task that is given to her. Today, people can see women in every field, they are giving their best as a scientist, as a banker, as a politician, teacher, engineer, actress, pharmacist, doctor, data scientist, business women as well as a housewife and in so many fields where we leave our marks. We are everywhere. Every woman has their own story, their own memories. Some of them are good and some of them are bad.

As an independent woman, we are enjoying our lives as we want but there are still some women that are facing so many complications in their lives. Some of them are victim of domestic violence, some of them are heart broken because of the acts of their lovers. Some of them are facing financial issues and some have nothing to live a life for. Even they are in the situation where they can’t raise their voice for justice. Education is the only way to take them out from their condition. When a woman gets qualified well, she knows about her right. A woman is the strongest pillar of the family. No one can imagine a happy family without a woman. A woman plays so many roles in her life, as a daughter, as a sister, as a mother, as a wife, as well as a lover. No one can deny our existence. Realize your worth. Our importance can’t be described in words. When God created Adam, he decided to create Eve for him. In order to grow the concept of family on mother Earth. Else there would not have been the existence of human. There is always a woman behind every successful man, may be she is her mother, a lover, a friend or wife. Why don’t we recognize our values? We are precious, we are amazing, we are unbeatable. Yes it’s true that women are emotional but it’s not our weakness, it’s our strength. We cry but for regulating our own emotions, for our calmness, for reducing our own distress. And after that we feel more strengthened. Always feel special as a woman. Personally, as a woman, I feel that I am so special and the strongest one also, I know how to live happily, I know what I want from my life. Sometimes I also feel low but I have enough courage to get back from these thoughts and how to improve my self. I know how to control emotions. I am also a daughter, a sister, a wife and a loving mother. And in every role I am giving my best. Yes I am a multi- tasker because managing a home with a baby, is not that much easy but I make a room for myself in my busy schedule and find the time for myself for my interests, for my hobbies, because I am very much passionate about blogging. Here I am not praising myself, I just want to say that every lady should be recognise her value, she has to recognise what she is doing and how amazingly she manages everything in her life as well as other’s life. So many of us are doing the same, they manage their life amazingly on personal as well as professional ground. Dear ladies, be a woman who lives life on her own conditions. Be a woman who loves herself first, be a woman who knows how to achieve her dreams, be a woman who spreads happiness everywhere. Be the creator of your own destiny. Don’t kill your desires because of someone else. Follow your dreams and believe in yourself. You will definitely make your own way.

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