Why Me? A Question That Every Girl Asks Herself

Its not about education, it's about the mentality that should always start from the family.

During their lifetime, each and every woman must have asked these questions to herself;

Why did it happen to me?

When will good times come?

What wrong did I do to anyone?

Where will I get happiness?

Who is the person who will answer the above questions and be the harbinger of happiness? Will you be forever waiting for these answers and let your life pass in vain?


Priority has always been in favour of a boy child over a girl child. He will get more love, more importance as compared to the girl child. The girl knows everything about this disparity but she cannot complain. Why I am not getting equal love from all like he is getting? The question will remain a question forever.


As per Indian tradition, after crossing puberty, girls are mature but boys will remain kids forever. Girls should not go out and mingle with boys and play. It doesn’t suit her and what will the society think? Every girl must have these thoughts during this time that why is she is a girl and needs to curb her freedom?

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Once you cross 18, what is next? Of course, it is marriage. What is the need for girls need to study and spend money on their studies? They will soon be  married before they become a perceived burden for anybody. The marriage will be the answer to the following questions:

  1. Get married soon, your younger sister is also in the queue!
  2. What will the society think if you will marry at a late age?
  3. You will not get good proposals once you get older.

Where are our choices and opinions? No one even bothers to know or ask what a girl wants.

After marriage

As per the early marriage agreement, a girl should be ready to become housewives and forget everything about her own wishes. Career ends here. She knows all cooking, cleaning, household things and can take care of all in the family. Yes, she is perfect in everything and now you don’t need to pay the money to your maid. Our daughter cum housewife cum maid can take care of everything. I forgot to include that she should be well educated also so that she can take care of the kids’ homework and attend parents meeting and also if the financial needs come, she can go to work as well.

Why is no one taking the girl’s opinion? It’s a command from the family and society that girls have to follow.

We always talk about women’s education as most important. But in this generation, many of educated girls are the sole witness of the same issue and killing their dreams. So it’s not about education, it’s about the mentality that should always start from the family.

Don’t treat girls as a liability. Even they can support the family-like boys.

Image is a still from the movie Mausam


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