Let’s Not Shy Away About Our Mental State

Just like the way we pay attention to the physical well being of our children, why can't we pay attention to the mental well being of our children?

When I was in my teenage years, I have faced many situations which were very awkward for me to talk to my parents and I had no one whom I could trust to talk with. And as I was growing I started to think that these situations are something I shouldn’t discuss with anyone and started to keep that in my heart intact. I always thought that those situations can never have solutions and this is just my personal experience whom I should never share with anyone. The situation that I am talking about is something which will never be accepted by our society. I feel no shame to say that I was actually going through mental stress because of various issues that were happening in my life, small or big. I was always taught from a young age that illness means only physical illness and I was never taught about mental illness. But fortunately, I had all the strength to keep that mental stress aside and always focused upon positive things in life.

But some children are going through mental stress at a very young age and they are not as strong as me to see the positive side of life. And it is true it is very difficult to see the positive side when you have lots of negative things going around in your life. But one thing I want to tell those children that everyone feels that way even the most prettiest girl in your class, even the brilliant guy in your class.

When I hear about a child committing suicide or attempting to commit suicide and the only thing that strikes my mind is who is responsible for this? Then I stop thinking about that incident and then again the very next day I hear a similar type of incident broadcasted in Television or written in the paper. This is very disturbing for me.

Mental illness has no class, it affects every type of children in our society whether rich or poor. Just like the way we pay attention to the physical well being of our children, why can’t we pay attention to the mental well being of our children? The huge responsibility lies with the parents as they should teach the children that mental illness is just like a physical illness and its okay to visit a therapist to cure that just like we visit a doctor to cure our physical illness. At least parents should talk openly to their children about the importance of mental health and physical health both. I also feel schools in every part of our country should have counsellors for mental health who could help children get out of mental stress. Sometimes the mental stress is small and could be resolved easily but as time passes the stress become huge. So just like we have physical Training as a session in our school and in the similar lines we can also have compulsory counselling sessions for every student in that particular school once a month.

Though this is a very small issue for the largest democracy in the world. The Government even if it feels about talking about it has never spoken about this and maybe it will take years from now to become vocal about mental health. There are already many issues like hunger, poverty, unemployment which is important at the moment but don’t forget that Mental Health of a child also states where will our country head in the coming years?

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