I Have A Dream….

It took me many long, painful and lonely years to realise that I actually had a dream...People tell me I am lucky that I discovered it.

We take a long time to finally realise what our dreams actually are…. and an equally long time to go about living them. It happened to me and it happens to nearly everyone, except a few……a lucky few I must call them.

Not a day has passed since I have not dreamed a new dream. Every second of my life is a new dream ….But it took me many long years to realise that the life I was living was not everything that I wanted….It was incomplete…My life, my destiny, my dreams, my ambitions lay elsewhere. What I thought was my dream life was actually nothing— but a collection of compromises which mostly I had not chosen myself but had either been thrust upon me or most of the time I did not have the courage to say “NO’.

‘NO’ is a negative word but yet releases positive vibes for oneself, in situations where you need to prioritise yourself…Living your dream; to have the courage to stand up, is really tough. But dreams need to be taken care of.

They are the personification of your life!!!!

Do you realise that if you are not happy doing or being what you are then you are worse than having tried and failed? At least in the latter case, you will live with the satisfaction—-that you tried…YOUR DREAMS ARE YOUR OWN, THEY ARE YOU, THEY REFLECT YOU, THEY COMPLETE YOU!!!!!!!!


They are an unending treasure trove, the lifeblood that will never run dry…Try and find a few and make them true…You will see how you pave the way for even more to be fulfilled. Don’t make a mess of everything —- for you will always find willing hands to mess them up…Rather use your energy on realising them…Go ahead and do a few things you have always wanted to do—not what you were made to do….Let go of even a few harmless compromises and inhibitions—feel the pressure lighten, feel free…..IF A BIRD CAN FLY, SO CAN YOU!

All these years I have kind of sleepwalked through my life. I went to school, completed college, dreamed of taking up a career for financial security and so on…But it was while I was studying for my Bachelor’s degree something just snapped and eventually my grades plummeted.

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I always had low self-confidence; now I had ‘none’. I felt suffocated and spent endless hours just brooding about the fact that I was a ‘Nobody’. I had no dreams, I was dead inside….Slowly I withdrew and became a recluse and ultimately with no one to share my deepest thoughts with; I started to pen down my thoughts. And things started changing. As I was able to talk to myself I made new friends and as days passed I realised if I relentlessly plodded through my life I would go nowhere, and reach nowhere…..I needed to immensely overhaul my life….AND I DID!!!!!

I did not have many dreams left at that point of time but yet there were a few that I decided to make true.

Eventually, all this led to the discovery that my greatest dream was to WRITE!!!! So here I am sharing my thoughts. It took me many long, painful and lonely years to realise that I actually had a dream…People tell me I am lucky that I discovered it, some never discover it too afraid to speak out.

Talk about your dreams… Talk to yourself…. It is therapeutic. To realise a dream isn’t an instant…it is the realisation of a lifetime ahead….P.S. It took me a decade more to express this openly…Until now it was buried deep in my notebook.

To be continued…..Many more to come….

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