What Women Want Is Respect. Period.

Respect women! This is what women want the most. All they need is a change in perspective.

With changing times, everything about women empowerment is moving to financial independence. All the organizations and missions aim at working on women but what about changing the attitude of the men? Why are they always put on a pedestal?

When it comes to the financial aspect, both men and women have to work equally hard to achieve success in sectors like Corporate, Public and Academia. But, if you really think about it, how much support is given by the men to their partners? How many female leaders have you seen on top of the hierarchy? Very few!

Have we ever thought about the ‘why’ of this? Often, reliability is one of the major factors. When you give power to a woman, somehow it becomes difficult for men to be under her because everything gets scrutinized and is under the microscope.

A woman in the work field is many a time bullied by the so-called society as well because as a woman you are always expected to be answerable.

“Your husband is earning, what is the need for you to work?”

“Oh, she only seeks her career… takes no responsibility towards home.”

These are some general statements that come from every corner of society.

If a lady doesn’t want to have a child, her age gets questioned every time as if there is no role of a man in that. And what is truly obnoxious is that women only ask such questions to other women.

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For these people… get a break, get a life! Can’t you look after your own life rather than having an interest in others’?

Even in the office, there is always a question mark on the woman’s capability. Will she be able to do it?

Doesn’t anyone see the courage of the woman and the adversities she faces?

Again when it comes to skills like driving, women are questioned. From traffic police to male members of our so-called patriarchal society, all of them says, “Oh God! It is a lady driver so beware of any mishap that may occur.”

I am asking why there is a question on female skills all the time? Don’t these people think if a woman is not strong enough then she won’t be able to keep a child for nine months in her womb?

If a woman is not strong enough, then she won’t be able to multitask between work and home. If as women, we are not true to our own selves, then there won’t be an ecological balance as well.

Respect women!

This is what women want the most. They don’t seek empowerment platforms for chasing and pleading for her identity. All they need is a change in perspective.

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