She Is You !!!

The many facets of a woman... she is everything you want her to be and more.

She is logical, She is mystical ;
She is a charmer, She is a heart-breaker ,
She is a warrior, She is a lover ;
She is the creator, She is the destructor…

She is real but obscure;
She is soft but strong ,
She is unapologetic but honest;
She is ordinary but bizarre…

She is beyond any explanation;
she is beyond deep devotion,
She is beyond sacrifice and pain;
She is far beyond belief…

She is endless;
She is unselfish,
She is ephemeral;
She is eternal…

She believes in Faithfulness;
She believes in Kindness,
She believes in Fierceness;
She believes in oneness…

She is like the mystery of the creation;
She is like the logic of the imagination…

She lose herself to be found;
She love others to be loved…

She is the poetry, she is the poet;
She is the dream, she is the dreamer;
She is the art, she is the artist;
She is the magic, she is the magician…

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She has been tamed;
She has been overpowered,
She has been disheartened;
She has been defeated…

She never runs;
She never hides,
She never loses;
She never wins…

She made broken looks beautiful;
She made strong looks invincible…

You can hurt her, but that’ll be temporary;
You can break her, but that’ll be momentary…

They know nothing about her ;
They know nothing about her pain and suffering ,
They know nothing about her ambition;
They know nothing about her inhibition.

She is the queen who doesn’t need a king !

You know her…
You met her…
You recognize her…
She lives within you…
Yes, She is you!!!

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Anushree Dash

Gender Equality Advocate, TEDx Speaker, Social Reformer, Sociopreneur, Human Rights Activist, Pad woman of Odisha , Writer, Motivational Speaker, Art connoisseur... An impenitent, non-conformist, adventurous, boho soul and an admirer of life. Loves my Indian read more...

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