Proud Of Being You? Be Your Own Cheerleader !

“Flattery feels a lot better than insults.”

Do you often feel uncomfortable to take the praise in? I just have 2 words for you “OWN IT!”.  There should be no shame, guilt or embarrassment in doing so.

For some, even thinking about their positive traits makes them uncomfortable. Some people find it much harder to see what is right about them.

C’mon, cut yourself some slack – Some days you’ll crush it, other days not so much !

Get over the negative stigma or fear of being judged. The motivation for one’s goals should be one’s own passion or love towards achieving it. Your mission should never be something you need to do in order to be accepted by others!

There is nothing wrong in speaking about yourself positively and absolutely nothing wrong in happily acknowledging it when someone compliments, just take it and feel happy about it.

I often say that I am quite braggy and I love being that way. I am my own cheerleader. It is very important to be your own cheerleader

Being our own cheerleader is not about bragging or just showing off. It is about celebrating your successes; however small they might be and patting yourself on your back!

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I strongly feel we need to appreciate ourselves and share our success stories. It will not only help us, but also others who are looking for role models, who are looking for experiences.

Always remember with self-appreciation comes self-love.

The mindfulness that comes with “Self-appreciation” helps you be conscious about and acknowledge your own positive features. Of course, be appreciative towards your weaknesses too.

Furthermore, people are more likely to appreciate someone who appreciates themselves.

When you begin to appreciate yourself and give yourself the due credit , it helps you to fuel your passion better . This makes you more self-aware , in-turn enables you to build your own personal brand .

A story you can tell others about the real you – not your job title nor the industry you work in.

Building yourself a brand is extremely valuable not because you can “brag” on social media because you have worked/working on your true passion!

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