A Letter To My Unborn Child

Posted: May 15, 2019

To my beloved,

Waiting for you eagerly

To take birth inside me, my beautiful unborn child.

As a mother, I look forward to the moment,

to hear about your arrival

You are yet to be born

But my life has already started revolving around you my star!!

To have you, the doctor suggested me to not have food I like

To swallow medicines I dislike

To run, to hop, to jump,

To meditate, for my body to be ready

for your moment.

I make a promise to myself to be healthy for you

I am making a promise for you that

I will do anything that brings you to me

I will go far and beyond to hold you

I am ready to get pierced with needles

I am ready to go under a dozens of scan

All I wish is you as the result.

Never mind the gender, All I want is

a part of my blood shared in your veins

All the I love I failed to provide to my parents

I will shower on you like summer rain, strong and sweet.

Waiting to hear your reply

What to call you? A daughter? A son?

Do not bother; you are just going to be my angel

Please listen to your mother’s request and come to me soon

With love,

Yet to be born as a mother.

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