To Be Raised By A Taurean Mother

Ever wondered how zodiac signs shape up our personalities? Read this endearing poem written by a daughter for her Taurean mother.

To be raised by a Taurean mother,

Never, they try to cut short your undying verve,

But to question them is to get these stubborn moms onto your nerves.


To be raised by a Taurean mother,

Kind, vigorous, independent,

Wen they said, ‘Yes Sir’, that’s what they meant.


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To be raised by a Taurean mother,

Charming, distinctive, worldly wise

Beware, they are pretty rigid and strictly, nice.

They don’t mince their words to make a pretty rhyme,

If they don’t like it, manipulation is definitely a waste of time.

Oh and how skilful,

How sure of everything,

You want your favourite dish,

There, at a wink!


Society doesn’t influence them so much,

Nothing questions their maternal benevolence and the visceral touch,

But Oh Dear Lord! When they get in their Taurean righteousness mode,

Stay silent and just nod!


To be raised by a Taurean mother,

Who herself is placid yet passionate,

Even so, being a single child,

Doesn’t guarantee you being her favourite.


Image via Pixabay


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