11 Simple Ways For A Happy Married Life

Posted: April 16, 2019

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Marriage is a lifetime commitment…a lifetime relationship that begins with getting engaged, tying a knot & finally accepting each other as a better half or spouse.

This relationship can stem from love marriage or an arranged marriage. The sanctity of the relationship is felt when the couple holds each other’s hands and promise to be there forever. As time passes, the relationship strengthens and flourishes.

Marriage changes your life. There are adjustments to be done and some compromises to be made.

Here are some points for newlyweds that will help them have a smooth sail after marriage:

  1. In the initial year of marriage, focus on building an understanding between you two as it is the most important factor in a successful relationship.
  2. Communication is the lifeline of a successful & lifelong relationship. Never create a communication gap in between, always keep in touch through a text or a call.
  3. Always respect each other’s views as it builds mutual respect which adds value to the relationship.
  4. Always try to do adjustments for each other. This doesn’t mean sacrificing your happiness, rather handling the situations according to the need of the time & partner’s expectations which needs adjustments.
  5. Always take out time for each other no matter how much busy you have been the whole day, spend some time together while talking about how was your day.
  6. Stay true to each other, never try to hide the things as a relationship should be as transparent as water, whatever your flaws are, whatever you are, whatever your views are, & whatever your attitude is towards life it should be clear between you two.
  7. Always take a decision regarding personal life on your own while discussing it with each other.
  8. Maintain your privacy. Don’t let others interfere in your personal matters.
  9. Always be ready to help each other whether for household chores or any other work.
  10. Whenever arguments take place between you two, never try winning the argument for the sake of winning as it is a relationship at stake here..not a game.
  11. Last but not least, enjoy every moment of life being together.

Simple, straightforward but effective tips. Happy Married Life to you!


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