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Why Is Our Society Obsessed With Male Child?

Posted: February 10, 2019

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Why is our society still hung up on procreating a male progeny and do not celebrate the birth of a girl child? The author questions the society and feels it is high time we give our girls respect and love.

So yesterday I found some women happily greeting another woman in our neighbourhood. I got to know that her daughter-in-law had given birth to a boy child. So, I too congratulated her for the addition of a new family member. But hearing some weird congratulatory messages left me flabbergasted. All the women were congratulating her for becoming dadi of a baby boy as her first grandchild was a baby girl.

“Acha hua dusri bar ladka hua.”
“Arey badhiya hua, dusri bhi ladki hoti to dahez ka kharcha badh jata”

Well, having a boy and a girl  is a perfect combination and makes for a complete family but does it mean that those having only boys or only girls are an incomplete family?

Well, I was not in the mood to argue early in the morning so I returned home with multiple thoughts looming large in my mind.

Why do we still feel privileged to have a male child?
Why only the birth of a boy is considered an occasion of feeling pride and joy?

Why don’t we feel grateful for being blessed with a child, a healthy child – a gift from God?
Why our Indian society is inclined towards the desire of a male child.

In Indian society still, girls are considered as a burden on parents. They are often restricted to the confines of the house and deprived of better education and opportunities. They are looked upon as mere caretaker, nurturer and a child bearer.

The reasons behind this may be- Well, not maybe but certainly our practices, traditions and customs which have been passed on through generations. But no matter what the reason is, the reality is that women are no less than men.

Since past few decades, many women all over India have proved that they are not less than men. Women have excelled in each and every field be it politics, sports, entertainment, literature, technology. There is no field, which remains unconquered by women.

Many times daughters proved to be more affectionate and caring towards their parents as compared to sons.  So many stories come up where daughters took responsibilities of their aged parents, who were abandoned by their beloved sons.

Studies have proved that women handle worse situations in a much better way, take appropriate decisions under stress and are emotionally more stable in sensitive situations- in both their professional and personal life.

No doubt, if given right chances they are able to nurture their skills and excel in different areas of life.

Its high time we start treating our sons and daughters equally. Birth of a girl child should also be celebrated with joy. It should be a matter of pride not shame. Girl child is a human too and deserves all the happiness, rights and respect from her family as well as society.

Let’s create awareness and pledge to make this world a better place for girls.

Image Source: Pexels

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