Dear Society, Please Teach Your Sons Too !

The author writes a thought provoking post about how we have double standards when it comes to treating men and women. This must change!

The author writes a thought provoking post about how we have double standards when it comes to treating men and women. This must change!

My family restricts me from posting our pictures on social media. It was even worse some 7 years ago and unlike now not everyone was on social media. I used a Facebook account with some random profile pictures with quotes and cute animals. My cousin who was in college back then, was looking through Facebook profiles with his friends. They were having fun commenting on the pictures which girls had posted. Just then, they saw a picture and he(my cousin) mistook that girl for me. The account name was different. He thought that the girl resembled me(later when I saw that pic, I felt she did not look like me in anyway).

Back home he told his parents, my parents and my grandparents that I had posted my picture and that boys were commenting on my picture. He said how he felt ashamed of me. My entire family started cursing me for I had tarnished the family name(according to them posting pictures on social media is still a big sin).They did not see the pictures and didn’t even bother to let me explain. They just started scolding me. When I finally figured out what was going on, I asked him to show the picture. Immediately I found out it was not me. When the picture was shown to my family they too agreed it was not me and the whole commotion stopped.

Everyone forgot about it. If that picture had been really mine, the scene would have been totally different. They would have even accused me that I had lost my chastity and what not. What still bothers me is even after knowing it was not me no one actually thought about advising him or scolding him. He too looked through the pictures of girls and made fun of them.

Boys should be taught how to behave. He would have repeated the same thing again with his friends. Some others would have been his victim. This small thing may lead to big mistakes. People nag girls and give lecture to girls on what they should and should not do. They should at least spend half of the time to teach their sons how to treat girls and how to look at them with respect. Why only daughters bother them?

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