What The #10YearsChallenge Made Me Understand About Myself

The #10YearsChallenge notwithstanding, how is it possible for anyone to have not changed much over 10 years? A decade is a long time, and things certainly change!

The #10YearsChallenge notwithstanding, how is it possible for anyone to have not changed much over 10 years? A decade is a long time, and things certainly change!

When I heard about the #10Yearschallenge, I found that there is nothing like “I have not changed since last decade or I am the same I was ten years ago.” I couldn’t stop myself from penning my thoughts on the hot topic.

Recently, a new trend may be spotted on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter newsfeed i.e. #10YearsChallenge. Originally, it was also known as #glowupchallenge and #howhardaginghityouchallenge. But #10YearsChallenge has become more trending.

The idea is to show how you have not changed or you may say aged since last decade. In this challenge, you have to post two pictures of you, usually side by side. Where one will be your recent picture and the other will be your 10 years old picture.

I have seen some of my friends, colleagues, and even celebrities on social media posting the pictures proudly, showcasing how age has not affected their appearance, and how they have maintained their glow and charm even in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and so on.

When I thought of doing the same, firstly, I was unable to find my old pictures as I had been newly married in this last decade and all my old pics are safely saved in my computer at my mom’s place. When I visited my mom, I gathered some of them which indeed were a #throwback.

Initially, I didn’t notice much change in me physically (except the way now I dress and do my hair). But the more I went through those memories, I recollected the moments when these pictures were taken, the person who had clicked the pictures, and especially my state of mind of mine at that time. And then I discovered that I certainly am not the same I was ten years ago.

Whether we accept it or not, it’s true. Maybe our appearance and overall look have not changed much, or we have just become a little more charming, modern or fashionable as compared to the ten years ago ‘us’, but we can’t deny the fact that in the last ten years internally we have changed a lot. Whether it is physically, mentally, intellectually or emotionally. Yes, we have changed. A decade is enough to change a person in a lot of areas. Especially if you are a woman who has got married in the last decade, you will relate yourself to my post.

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A free bird

Ten years back, I had just passed my masters and was a free bird having a dream to fly high in the sky. Young, energetic and ambitious. Although I am not much dissatisfied in my present when I think about my life 10 years back, I detect that I am changed from that person.

I was a carefree child for my mother then. Yes, I did help my mother in household chores but that was not my regular routine. When I used to come back home after a hectic day, she was there for me to provide me with a head massage and cook my favourite dish, which now I do for my three-year-old daughter.

Thinking about groceries or buying vegetables was not my cup of tea. But now from “Aaj kya banaun?” to “what is the rate of potatoes?” All have come under my routine tasks.

Going out with friends meant no boundary of time then. Just a call to mom that I’ll be late, and we had a full day to roam and chill. And now I think twice before making a plan with friends considering that it would be my baby’s sleeping time, I’ve to wash clothes, My maid is about to come blah blah blah.

Thus, How can I say, I haven’t changed for 10 years?

Changing physically

Coming to the most important aspect i.e., how we have changed/ not changed physically. The challenge is to show that we look the same as we used to look ten years ago. The same look, the same shape, the same hair and the same skin (except those who have entered their 50s and discovered ageing of skin). But when I thought about my health and agility ten years ago, I realised that I was much more fit and healthy then, though I was not very health conscious at that time, nor did I stress so much on nutritious food as I do now.

Ten years ago, I never felt the need to think before having junk food or something like pani puri, and still, my immune system was rocking. And now despite taking care of my diet and my health I am besieged with a lot of health issues. My day starts with my thyroid controlling tablets. My BP starts to fluctuate easily, my back starts aching after a long working day. I need some antacid tablets to digest street food if I have that frequently.

Thus, I can’t say I have not changed physically in ten years.

Changing roles as a woman

As I was single ten years ago, the only men I knew were my dad or my brother. My experience of living with a man has changed my view and thinking about men. Now I have become wiser, and smarter in reading men’s mind and understanding their needs and mentalities, which I couldn’t have known if I was living with my brother or father only. So I have changed in that sense too.

Also, my roles were not more than a daughter, a sister or a friend then. But now that I am a wife, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law and a mother, I have changed. My priorities have been changed and so is me. As a girl, I didn’t care much for guests as well as ‘unwanted’ relatives. My funda was to, “Love those who really love you!” I simply would snooze on my bed, ignoring the outer world if there were some unwanted guests in the drawing room. And now I have to act as a host. Willingly or unwillingly, I have to welcome everyone with a smile, offer them the best service at home and talk to them for hours sometimes. It is a positive change in me. Because maybe I have become a mature and responsible woman, from a childish girl.

And thus, I confess, I have changed intellectually and mentally in last ten years.

Becoming a mother

Also ten years ago, I didn’t know how it feels to be a mother. I never ever thought of babysitting, nursing, or feeding a baby. I never thought of sacrificing my sleep for a kid. I never thought of penny-pinching for the better future of my child. Going shopping meant buying dresses, shoes, or accessories only for myself. But now my shopping list consists of most of the household items and my kid’s needs first.

I always put my baby first no matter what. I also had a number of ups and downs, and challenges in motherhood. The crying kids who earlier used to irritate me a lot, now have become worthy of my compassion. As I am a teacher, I fell it’s my duty to hug and console the kids who are away from their mother. This is the biggest change in me as compared to the ‘ten years ago me’.

Thus, I admit that I have changed emotionally too in the last ten years.

My only motive to share my views on the trending topic of the #10YearsChallenge was to make everyone think if they too haven’t changed from their past personality. Yes, you may look the same as you were ten years ago. But the mind, the heart and the brain change with each passing day, I guess. Every incident and experience make us more wise and enlightened.

If you too feel that you are not the same as you were ten years ago, do share your views. I would love to hear from you.

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