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My Daughter My Shadow…

A poignant story about the bond between a mother and daughter.

A poignant story about the bond between a mother and daughter.

Piyaa was making a painting and I was looking at her affectionately. No wonder people said, “She is my shadow. Not only does she resemble me but is also the jack of all trades just like me.” That’s why everyone told that we were birds of the same feather.

My thoughts got broken when I heard that someone had banged at the door.

It was Mayank, my husband. He was drunk as usual. I gave him an angry look, one that he couldn’t stand, so he started bellowing at me, “What a rubbish lady you are! I have come home tired from work and instead of welcoming me, you are giving me this kind of expression. Shame on you.”

I said, “I am shameless. And who are you? Every day you come home drunk. Do you know, your daughter is now sixteen years old? But you don’t care at all or even think about her.”

Listening to this, he got furious because his ego was crushed. He was about to raise his hand on me, but like a gush of wind, Piyaa was there and said to me, “Mama, you again started your melodrama, why do you make the father angry? He has come from work, you ought to ask him for food, but you never do”.

“Papa, you come, I will serve you some piping hot food.”, Piyaa said.

He got happy and left the place silently, but  I felt shattered. I had thought that she was my shadow, but how I could forget, “our own shadow leaves us when it is dark.”

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I went to my room and burst into tears. I tried to console myself, but failed; I was completely broken.

After some time, Piyaa entered the room, tears filling in her eyes and she said, “Sorry Mama, I shouldn’t have done this to you, you got hurt because of me, but if I had not done that, Papa would have beaten you harshly and that I couldn’t stand, that’s why I did those things. I still love my father and I can’t insult him. Even though he doesn’t care for us, I do.”

I was speechless. I stood up and hugged her tightly. Now, I understood, “Our shadow doesn’t leave us. It only hides within us when it is dark. But it is always with us whether it is dark or light. My daughter is also my shadow who can never part from me.”

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