5 Quick Tips For Working Moms To Stay Fit

Posted: November 27, 2018

The author shares five quick and simple tips for working moms to stay fit and healthy.

Fitness is not something which you can achieve and then sit back. It is a journey. You need to maintain it, sustain that state for as long as you possibly can. – A’nami

Being a mother is not an easy thing, it is a ‘full-time job’. And when she is a working mother it is double the work. It is very difficult for a mother to give time to herself. So here are few very easy tips for working mothers to be fit :

1. Walk, Walk and Walk

Walking is the most simple yet effective way to stay fit. Does this count the steps you are running after the kids and in the household? Definitely not. Get some time for your own self. Just steal 30 minutes in the morning and evening for walking. You can schedule a “family-walk” after the dinner as well. I did it and trust me it works wonders.

2. Sneak out and Workout

What is the time when you just have to get up from your desk ? It is “loo time”. Don’t laugh. I am serious. Try doing some squats, lunges, jumps, hand-neck rotation etc. every time you go to the washroom.

3. Eat healthy

Often we tend to gobble and eat junk food and fast food. The processed food itself is not good for health and on top of it, when we do not chew properly and hungrily just gobble the food, it doubles the harm. So try to eat healthy and take small bites and chew properly.

4. Keep nuts and fruits handy

Whether at home or in office, always keep some fresh seasonal fruits and dry fruits handy. Keep a box of dry fruits in your kitchen and one in your bag. Keep a fruit basket at home and carry a few with you when you go to the office. This way whenever you feel that “hunger pang” just toss in few nuts. These are both healthy options and will satisfy your craving.

5. Playtime on weekends

Working mothers get to spend some time with their children only on weekends or some other holidays. It is the best way to make the bond stronger between the kid and the mother by doing some activities with them. Play some outdoor games with your kids. In this way not only will you enjoy, but it will also be a good exercise for both the mind and body.

Image Source: Pexels

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