Women’s Web Writers Win Laadli Awards For Insightful Writing On Gender Bias

Women's Web Authors Shweta Ganesh and Dr. Ujwala Karmarkar Shenoy won a Laadli Media Award and a Jury Appreciation Certificate respectively for their insightful writing on gender bias and the impact on both men and women.


Women’s Web Authors Shweta Ganesh and Dr. Ujwala Karmarkar Shenoy won a Laadli Media Award and a Jury Appreciation Certificate respectively for their insightful writing on gender bias and the impact on both men and women.

At Women’s Web, every single day, our job is to present the diversity of women’s voices, and help women inspire each other with their own stories. When these stories win awards, that’s an added honour! 

A noted writer and parenting columnist at Women’s Web, Shweta Ganesh Kumar has won the Laadli Award for Gender Sensitivity (2017). The Laadli Media Awards are a prestigious annual award series that honour, recognize and celebrate the efforts of those in media and advertising who highlight pressing gender concerns.

Shweta has won this award in the Web-Blog category for her piece at Women’s Web: Why The Phrase ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Is Damaging Our Sons. In this article, Shweta writes about how society denounces men for not being sensitive enough or even completely oblivious to the emotions of others when they have been repeatedly told that to do so to affirm their ‘masculinity’.

Shweta also highlights that that according to a study reported in Time Magazine, girls have a 1 in 4 chance of being molested and boys have a 1 in 6 chance of being molested before the age of 18. Research shows that males are less likely to report sexual abuse. Since boys are conditioned from an early age to be more physical, they are more hesitant to report abuse, considering it to be a part of being a boy rather than inappropriate behaviour. They don’t talk about it, as “talking and expressing your feelings are not what boys do”. That is for girls.

On becoming a Laadli Media Award winner, Shweta says, “It was an honour to receive the Laadli Media Award for my article for Women’s Web for more than one reason – the most important being the feeling of encouragement that flooded through me at the recognition of my article that was about everyday feminism and gender sensitivity as an Indian parent.” Adding on she said, “Winning this award for an article commissioned and polished by Commissioning Editor Sandhya Renukamba at Women’s Web brought me great joy. It was thrilling to receive the actual award from eminent journalist P.Sainath whom I’ve looked up to since my journalism student days.”

Sandhya Renukamba, Senior Editor & Community Manager at Women’s Web, who worked with Shweta on this piece adds, “Shweta Ganesh Kumar is a delightful writer to work with. This piece is quite close to my heart – I truly believe that we should not straitjacket boys into a stereotype of how men should be, as it destroys their innate humanity.”

In addition, Dr. Ujwala Shenoy Karmarkar, another familiar name to regular Women’s Web readers, received a Jury Appreciation Certificate for her piece, Why Is Illness In Women More Likely To Be Wrongly Diagnosed And Treated? in the Feature – Web category.

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Talking about receiving the special mention Ujwala says, “The appreciation conferred on me by Laadli feels gratifying on many levels. Firstly, that this is a piece pertaining to Women’s health, a subject close to my heart. Secondly, because it is a featured piece on Women’s Web, a site that encourages writing on issues pertaining to women and offers writers a free platform to do so. The honour conferred on me by the Laadli jury is thus, equally shared by the Women’s Web editorial team.”

We at Women’s Web are celebrating this, and hope you are cheering along as you read this!

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