Poetry: Hope

Posted: October 29, 2018

Hope is that something which gives us the strength to fight and move on life. One should always cling on to this ‘hope’ and try leading a better life. 

The mist curled up like the vapid vapours of a dragon’s breathe,

Swallowing the hills, and leaving a chilling wetness in its wake.

The path in front of her was no longer there, and all she felt was a growing numbness.

Icy vines rose from the earth and gripped her in a fatal clasp!

She struggled to breathe through the blanket of mist that shrouded her like a mausoleum.

Her heart thumped against her chest urging her to fight back once more –

Yet she was rooted – paralysed with dread, knowing not what lay ahead!

Her fears fed the monster which gained strength with each passing breath,

And loomed like a rabid beast from which there is no escape!

Knowing not what to do, she slipped further into the abyss of nothingness.

Her breath was now a choked whisper.

Just when all seemed lost, laughter like the tinkling of bells sounded out from somewhere ahead!

It renewed hope and awakened her spirits.

The bonds frittered away –

As she soared towards the light, she could hear the mellifluous voice of the angels!

The fog lifted, as the sunlight scattered into myriad shades of hope.


Image Source – Pexels

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