Lessons From #PlasticFreeJuly

The main reason for joining the #PlasticFreeJuly initiative was to contribute a little more to our planet and to involve my daughter in it (leading by example is my parenting tactic).

The main reason for joining the #PlasticFreeJuly initiative was to contribute a little more to our planet and to involve my daughter in it (leading by example is my parenting tactic).

The challenge has helped me to find new ways to beat plastic in everyday life. I already made a few changes before I took this challenge but this campaign was an eye-opener.

During Plastic Free July 2018, my target was takeaway items – bags, bottles, straws and coffee cups. I had already boycotted bags so single-use spoons, stirrers, cups, straws were my target.

I started with some simple changes in my daily life and slowly moved ahead by taking the next step. The changes are not just for the month of July but for the “Lifetime”.

Plastic Free July Takeaway:

1) No plastic handles :

There are few tools in my house which have “Plastic handles”. I will carefully shop now, find alternatives and try my best to avoid plastic handles

2) No home delivery of food :

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Plastic-free home delivery of food is not possible – if not plastic then the food arrives in paper and aluminum foils. This was my first order of food after I took the challenge.  Unfortunately, food arrived in foil and it was my “Guilt Dinner” but lesson learned for life.

Many times I prepare the food at home and order only the side dishes from food joints or at times order the entire meal. But now I have decided to go for a drive, get our food packed in our containers, come back and relish at home.

3) Careful online purchase :

Staying in Kharagpur, I am dependent on online shopping for unavailability of many products and brands. I definitely can’t stop but would do mindful shopping.

4) Bigger size and glass bottles :

Very simple and easy switch in the kitchen. I will look for items packed in glass bottles. Secondly, I shall buy a bigger size of the grocery items for lesser plastic waste (many items are unavoidable to me which are sold in a plastic container or wrapped in plastic).

5) Networking:

I have started to join groups, follow people who are supporting the cause – to remain motivated, get inspired and find hacks as well as solutions to beat plastic.

6) Never give up attitude:

I am being questioned, laughed at by many. Also challenged by a few individuals that I would give it up in a month(s) time. I won’t give up come what may and would keep improvising myself.

I am definitely NOT turning “Total Plastic Free” or will be leading a “Zero-Waste Lifestyle” but I am determined for making a small mark and simple changes in my lifestyle to save our planet from further damage.

Even a tiny step counts!

Image Source – Pexels

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