If They Say You Can’t, Then You Definitely Can!

Posted: October 27, 2018

Has someone ever said, “you can’t do it” and you left it believing that it must be impossible? One such incident happened to me as well.

I was working with a US Multi National Company (Fortune 500 company) as a project coordinator. Now, in project coordination, you are just supposed to do some paperwork regarding various activities going on in the Project. So, for 9 hours in the office, I use to stare at the computer screen and make excel sheets. That’s it!

Once I got an opportunity to Visit a 4500 MW Power plant site (mostly because I insisted that I must see the project for which I was working on). I happened to see the Project Manager of that giant project TATA power. I was awestruck by the impact he had on the people there. He was like a god of that Power plant. Everything revolved around him.

So in my heart, I decided I want to be a Project Manager like him. I told my feelings to the Project Manager of my company. He was rolling with laughter. “Girls can never become project managers. So, concentrate on your paperwork.” It requires rough public dealing, a lot of travelling, a very Powerful mind. Girls are so weak, they are only good for sophisticated office jobs. So chill!

His words stuck me like an arrow. I had decided to become a Project Manager one day. I put my heart and mind totally into it. I started going to sites frequently, handling clients, handling my team, so much so that I became center of 4 big projects of my company.

In a matter of 2 years, I was handling a team of 50 people and I got promoted to Project Manager. It was the first time in the history of that US MNC a girl had become a Project Manager in India. It was a dream come true for me.

Wonder what happened to that old Project Manager? He got fired.

So, I realized that If you have a dream, you must just ignore the naysayers. People will say something, that’s their limiting belief. Always have faith in yourself. You have the capability to do anything in our life if we truly believe in it. So if they say you can’t , YOU DEFINITELY CAN!

Image Source – Pexels

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