Unable To Take Up A Job? These 5 Practical Work Home Options In India Help You Get Going!

If you are unable to take up a full time job, your career does not have to end! Check out these 5 practical work from home options in India, growing in popularity.

If you are unable to take up a full time job, your career does not have to end! Check out these 5 practical work from home options in India, growing in popularity.

One thing that bothers me constantly is seeing women compromise on themselves – whether in terms of their wellbeing or career. It is women like you and me who find it difficult to re-enter the workforce due to family responsibilities or having taken a long sabbatical on the resume. Whatever be the reason, I understand that it affects your financial freedom and self confidence. So while you are still unable to take up a full time opportunity, here are some options that you can explore from home and see if it fits your needs.

Each of these work from home options in India has huge potential and if you take the right steps in establishing yourself as a pro – you may never need to return to a full time job. They offer freedom and flexibility to spend time with your family + excellent income potential.

Virtual Assistance (VA) opportunities

What is a virtual assistant and what are their responsibilities?

Executive Assistance is needed by almost all sorts of professionals. But they don’t always have an office space or need a physical assistant. Therefore, more and more people now prefer to contract their work to freelancers. Enter, Virtual Assistance. A Virtual Assistant is a freelance worker who provides assistance to an employer as per the requirement. If you are considering this position, bear in mind, the work is usually administrative or secretarial in nature.

How to prepare for the position

If you are serious about working as a VA, the international pay rate is quite liberal. It can pay you anywhere between $10- $30 per hour i.e. INR 650- INR 2000 per hour. Note that to get these rates you will have to be patient and build your portfolio a bit. In order to prepare for the position, create your CV as per International standards. Do not fall into the trap of oversharing in your CV and write down a cover letter for the express purpose of VA opportunities.

Where to find suitable opportunities?

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If you are an absolute beginner, I would suggest you create your freelancing profile on Freelancer or Upwork and start bidding. It will not pay off right away but will build your profile gradually. For immediate work opportunities you can search Facebook groups which are dedicated to Hiring Virtual Assistants. These groups have a regular inflow of requirements and are a good starting point. I also have to make a special mention of an Indian startup – WorkSera which is exclusively for women freelancers. They not only offer job opportunities but also impart training – that’s awesome, no?

Digital Marketing projects

What is Digital Marketing and what are the responsibilities?

Do you notice how everything is online currently? That is because it is! Every business is online today and just like a traditional business requires marketing, the online ones do too. You will have heard of the term Digital Marketing but what does it entail? Digital marketing is not just social media, it comes in various forms like email marketing etc and can be a very rewarding option if taken seriously.

How to prepare for the position

Digital marketing jobs pay quite well. The range is anywhere between INR 1000- INR 3000 per hour. But it is not something you can do without proper knowledge. The good news is that, all of the knowledge required is freely available on the internet. You can sign up for Google’s Digital Marketing course and a few others on Coursera. In less than a month, you should be able to work as a Digital Marketer!

Where to find suitable opportunities

With Digital Marketing, it is best to start local. Approach local businesses and propose to them the idea of you marketing them online. Some businesses require only a certain aspect of Digital Marketing like social media marketing, you can find them on Facebook groups or Job boards such as Freelancer and WorkSera. Approaching a brand / company that you really admire is also a great way to get started.

Content/Copywriting projects

What is Content/Copywriting and what are the responsibilities?

The internet is made up of content! Every single platform requires content and it requires a humongous amount of it. Content writing or Copywriting is one of the most popular freelancing options available. If you have a flair for writing and a good hold over grammar, this is very much for you.

How to prepare for the position

Content writing is fairly simple. However, Copy Writing is a creative process and pays much better. Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai offers a certificate course in creative writing besides others such as the British Council. In order to prepare yourself for either of these positions, you should practice writing on your own. Pick up a brand that you like and create some interesting content for them – that way you not only get some practice, you can also approach the brand with your ideas. You can download a free tool named Grammarly which will smooth over any grammatical errors that you may have missed in your writing.

Where to find suitable opportunities

Just like VA, Writing is also a service for which clients can be found via Freelancer, Upwork, WorkSera or Facebook groups. You can also look up LinkedIn Jobs for freelance writing positions. Given how commonly required this service is, you can just spread the word in your circle to check if anyone needs to hire a writer. There is no fixed payment for writing as it completely depends on your quality of writing and the client’s requirements. Most professional writers charge on a per article or per word basis.

Mystery Shopping opportunities

What is Mystery Shopping and what are the responsibilities?

Mystery Shopping is a completely new concept in India but it is growing fast. Mystery Shopping is where a company hires you to pose as a normal shopper and review the shopping experience in exchange for money or the shopped items. So what are you supposed to do? Just take up an assignment, visit the store, shop as per the guidelines, fill a form, and get paid!

How to prepare for the position

Mystery shopping is not something that can be done full time in India yet, as each assignment only pays about INR 300- INR 500 and the assignments are infrequent in themselves. You can still make the most out of it by looking at it as smart shopping rather than an income source.

Where to find suitable opportunities

Look up mystery shopping firms in India and sign up as their shopper, you can apply to assignments and get paid as we speak!

Professional Virtual Consulting (PVC) opportunities

What is PVC and what are the responsibilities?

Okay, this option is not for everyone. This is only for specific professionals with experience who are unable to take up full time opportunities. Professional Virtual Consultancy means consulting with people professionally over the phone or via Skype. This option works best for Counsellors, advisors, or coaches in specific areas.

How to prepare for the position

If you are a professional, the only preparation you require is to set up your virtual consultancy. Create a strong social media presence, spread the word, and let the world know you are up for it. You can additionally advertise in the initial phases but word of mouth is the best publicity for PVC.

Where to find suitable opportunities

Opportunities for PVC are completely variable as per your profession. If you are an education counsellor, you can tie up with colleges or educational institutes. If you are a financial advisor, you can advertise on certain blogs. Basically, identify your target audience and market accordingly.

There are way more opportunities out there that you can avail of with a little research!

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