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Teacher’s Day – A Poem To Say ‘Thank You’ To All Those Lovely Teachers

Posted: September 5, 2018

Teacher’s Day special, here is a poem of gratitude where the writer remembers and thanks all those teachers responsible for who she is today.

I still remember my early days in school

And the lovely Carmel Sisters.

Those beautiful morning prayers that

I hum till now.

I got ready for my class, with the intervals of friends…

Those Daisy white flowers, that painted my school wall.

Lovely classes to know, knowledge explained thorough

With silence as golden, discipline as perspective.

Teacher’s used the scales to draw the modules…

I, for a second got scared, at the black board.

But, they smilingly assured, my attitude that counted.

The waves of my work, did score me my marks…

The teachers made it clear or you need to polish my grades.

As I worked up my spirits and the teachers stayed back to help

I thank from my heart, the support of my angels…

The teachers who gave me my medal.

Today, as I look up to my name on the board,

I can’t stop myself from thanking them

How they gave me a name!

Happy Teacher’s Day.


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