How Biker Singajogi Satyaveni Got Over Her Fear Of The Road, Depression, & Became An Artist!

A tragedy changed the course of her life. But biker Singajogi Satyaveni learnt to never gave up and win over her fears. An inspiration she is, for sure.    

A tragedy changed the course of her life. But biker Singajogi Satyaveni learnt to never gave up and win over her fears. An inspiration she is, for sure. 

If food is for the body, passion is for the soul. Passion is the main driving force behind everything that a person does. How would it feel to lose this spark of passion forever? Then the very essence of life would come crumbling down to ashes. Life will then have no meaning.

A girl from Hyderabad, 23 years old Singajogi Satyaveni had to walk through this painful journey of losing her life’s zeal – tennis. “Every moment, every second of my life, until my last breath I’ll miss tennis. It was a very precious part of me, no other feeling is worse than losing that precious part,” said Satyaveni.

Her passion for tennis

Satyaveni was a tennis champion at her school and at the state level. When her dream of playing for the national level was about to come true, she met with an accident in a two-wheeler. After a bone transplant surgery going wrong and undergoing multiple other surgeries, she was to not enter the tennis court ever again.

Apart from the sense of loss as tennis was no more a part of her life, Satyaveni had also developed a great fear for roads after the accident. She never wanted to sit on a two-wheeler ever again. With all the tragedies that had taken place in her life, constantly going about in her head, she went into depression. For almost 2 years she hardly came out of her room.

Getting over depression

A concerned mother couldn’t see this anymore, she was determined to get her daughter out of the dark shadows of depression. She surprised Satyaveni by gifting her a Royal Enfield Classic 350 and asked her to get out of the room and take that stupid fear of hers out. She told her, “Road gave you this fear, now go give back your fear to the road again.” This is how a new chapter was opened in the life of Satyaveni, it was that of biking.

After 6 years from then, now Satyaveni is a biker. She goes on long rides, teaches women riding, and also does custom designed art work on bikes.

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Getting over one’s own fear is the hardest thing to do. It wasn’t easy for Satyaveni either to simply forget or overcome her emotions of loss. Every time she sat on her bike she would get those memories of the accident moments in her head. “I still remember the first time I started my bike, I couldn’t stop my tears. I was just riding and riding till I got that fear out of me. It has indeed been a long journey starting with fear and now to freedom,” Satyaveni told.

Biking is what got Satyaveni out of depression. She apparently treats her bike like a human, and used to speak a lot with it. She has named it ‘Moonbow’ (moon+rainbow), moon for forever and rainbow for happiness. For her, bike is forever happiness.

Whenever she felt a bit low or depressed she used to take her bike and ride with no destination in mind. Satyaveni added, “Other than biking, painting was peace. So, painting and biking together got me out of depression.”

The tale of a biker

Beginning her bike saga with her 1st long distance ride to Warangal (180 kms from Hyderabad), a month after she got her bike, Satyaveni has gone on many expeditions. Her favourite is the one where she was called by the Royal Enfield to Jaipur for their official launch of Himalayan sleet bike. “I loved the three day ride where we got to do proper off-road on Himalayan bike and also on many other different terrains,” she expressed.

Every Sunday she rides for about 200-300 kms by having some coffee shop in her mind as the destination. She sits, read books and comes back. Also through instagram she tries meeting new riders.

An artist within!

Satyaveni and her sister Sangeetha together have started ‘Womeneoteric’, a place for all the creative innovations. Together in their workstation they design and paint on bike’s fuel tanks and helmets. Mostly their designs are customized and often have a story behind it. That makes them different from others.

Among all their designs, her favourite is the one that they have done on her bike. It’s very special as it was their 1st work and that reflects her life’s journey til now. Other than this she also liked their Delhi to Ladakh themed design as it was their first colourful project.

3D design is their new creation. They have just started this experiment where an embossed image gives a 3D look on the fuel tank. Adding on Satyaveni said, “As soon as we finished our first 3D project, the same bike was featured in a Tollywood (Telugu) movie ‘Lover’. It felt like an achievement to see it on a big screen.” Two more such 3D designs are in the process of being made.

So, this one person Singajogi Satyaveni has seen so much in her life. It almost felt like I was trying to fit in three stories into one – her lost passion for tennis, getting over depression after the accident and of course the new avatar of a biker.

Usually dangerous experiences in life teach us a lot. Satyaveni has her set of important learnings as well from her accident and later getting over it. According to her one should never ‘give up’ and a huge realisation is that ‘pain is part of life but suffering is a choice.’ With this she signed off.

Image credit: Singajogi Satyaveni

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