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Rosh’s ‘Bad Company’ Photo Series Encourages Us All To Talk Of Sex – Openly

Talking about sex is still a taboo in India. With her Bad Company series, Artist and photographer Roshini is changing this in unconventional ways. 

Talking about sex is still a taboo in India. With her Bad Company series, Artist and photographer Roshini is changing this in unconventional ways. 

Most people in India can’t even say the word ‘sex’ out loud in public – being open about sex and sexual freedom is definitely out of their league. Amidst such people is the bold and fearless Roshini Kumar a.k.a. Rosh. She is a fashion photographer and an art activist, and with her creative work, trying to address social issues and bring about change in the society.

Rosh’s new series entitled ‘Bad Company – the secret lives of good girls’ is now out on her Instagram page. It’s a conceptual art photography with the purpose of helping and supporting people in fighting the taboos related to sex in our country.

The subjects in the pictures are semi-nude women under gloomy red lights. For some, this might appear to be highly sensual and inappropriate to be freely posted on social media. They might feel awkward to even look at them. But that’s exactly the whole crux of the problem that is being addressed by Roshini with these photos of hers. She is encouraging and letting people know that it’s okay to talk about sex. As she says, “I understand being open about sex and sexual freedom is not something our society is comfortable doing – yet I find it necessary to help fight this taboo…”

Her Instagram posts say that this series was inspired by the sexual revolution of the 60s in the US. That is the period that witnessed a great change in people’s attitudes towards sex. They started accepting that sex was natural to human beings and did not necessarily need to be within the confines of marriage or even gender. Basically it was a shift towards greater acceptance of non-traditional sexual behaviour in people. Roshini intends to have a similar influence and bring about a sexual revolution in India.

Her previous photo series have also used very bold themes, colours and ideas. She often tries to break boundaries by experimenting with her art. Being a cancer survivor, she has a different approach towards life, people and society.

Rosh is passionate about body positivity and greatly encourages self-love, sex education and equality. Her unconventional ways of dealing with body related issues, mental health and social pressures are truly something to look out for.

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