5 Creative Ideas for Kids Aged 4 – 8 Years: Keep Them Busy, Keep You Sane!

If your child belongs to the 4 – 8 age group, then you need to see this! These creative ideas for kids will keep him/her busy, and you sane!

If your child belongs to the 4 – 8 age group, then you need to see this! These creative ideas for kids will keep him/her busy, and you sane!

Kids often remain in their own fantasy world and they do not shy away from outdoor activities, whatsoever the risk may be. However, these same children can also stir up a drama if their demands are not fulfilled. Only god, and this post can save you if your kids are stuck at home during vacations and long weekends (Yes, I’m kidding, but just a little). If you child belongs to the 4-8 age group, then consider this post filled with creative ideas for kids as your guide.

“Understand that children of age between 4 – 5 years old are still trying to find their footing between the real world and dreamland. They like to create fantasies and dramatic situations”, says the report published on Age Determination Guidelines by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This statement is important as this implies that children are creative by nature.

Creative Ideas For Kids

Give them colouring and drawing books

Give your kid a colouring book next time and the child will adapt to that like a fish does to water. Surrounding a child with colour is like letting their ideas and creativity space to expand. They will start with scribbles and unidentified lines but it just signifies that their creative juices are flowing. However, as the habit continues the child will fill the colouring books and even demand you draw them a figure to colour as time goes on. This activity will engage them for many hours and will also be useful for them.

Let them watch some cartoons

Kids often tend to daydream and they create situations according to their imagination. Therefore, cartoon and animated shows attract them the most. More so, if the characters in the show are also around their age or the characters have superpowers or superhuman abilities. Also, these shows often provide positive messages and educational concepts to children. I mean, everyone loves to watch cartoons. So, what is the harm? As long as its not overdone and becomes the only creative activity your child is involved with.

Hand them Lego or other blocks for creating things

(This creative idea for kids is coincidently also loved by teenagers and adults alike. You need to try this.)

Playing with blocks is an activity that can keep a child’s mind focused. Also, they will learn to create different things such as boxes and towers. These activities will develop their maths skills. This also means that your child will have better hand-eye co-ordination. This way, while playing with blocks they will remain concentrated and as these blocks are colourful, they attract attention of kids very easily. Moreover, this is an activity both you and your child can indulge in together.

I am still an avid fan of building blocks and I play with them even now.

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From here, let’s see what the next creative idea for kids includes.

Outdoor games can be of great help

If you give it a thought, children are always full of energy and they get excited about the smallest of things such as a butterfly in the garden or making a new friend. So, take your kids for a walk in the evening or invite some other kids over to play, your kid will not even notice or complain about anything else. This way, they can create friendships and enjoy bonding with other people.

Lastly, introduce storybooks to your kids

(Shout out to the book lovers)

You know this one already if you are an avid reader. You’ll agree with keeping it in the creative ideas for kids list. Nothing can complement a child’s imagination more than a story. Therefore, it is a good idea to introduce some storybooks to kids which contain classic tales as well as stories with moral lessons. The habit of reading will help them enormously as they get older. As the quote says, “Books are a human’s best friend.” This quote stands true in the modern times as well because books have stories which a child sees through a character’s eye. This is both fascinating and exciting. (I used to read a lot in childhood and it’s still my hobby.)

So, this is my list of creative ideas for kids you can try in case your youngster is slated to stay at home for a break!

If you have any ideas to add, please do tell us! We’re waiting.

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