8 Super Useful Job Search Tips For Return To Work Moms

Looking to join the workforce after a break? These job search tips will not only be practically useful, but should also boost your confidence.

Looking to join the workforce after a break? These job search tips will not only be practically useful, but should also boost your confidence.

Raising children is not an easy job and usually, it is women who sacrifice a lot for their family. If your kids are a little grown up now and you are thinking about going back to work, then it is a really wise decision. But before starting a new journey in the outside world, your mind may be full of confusion and fears.

There is nothing to worry about if you are facing a dilemma like this at the present moment. You are starting after a break and that may be the reason for low confidence. These job search tips for back to work moms will really help you out and your confidence level will improve after reading my suggestions in the subsequent paragraphs. 

Here are some really useful job search tips for back to work moms.

Identify the new opportunity that you would like to grab

After becoming a mother your life would change in a drastic manner. You may or may not wish to take up the same strenuous and complex kind of job that you used to do before having a kid. So, first of all, find out the options that are suitable for you. You may find a really good job opportunity as per your interest that is practically doable for you right now with minimal hassles. Explore the segment where your present interest lies. It can be anything like teaching, marketing, HR, clerical work etc.

Get the necessary skills before applying for the desired job

Once you have discovered an interesting job option then get the necessary skills for it. It is always advisable to get your skills updated. It will not only help you to get the job but your confidence level will also multiply to a great extent. For e.g. if you are looking for a job involving IT systems, then you can do a one or two month course where you can have the latest knowledge about computers and related operations. It will help you a lot in getting finer skills and practical experience.

Analyze how much time you can devote

When you are a back to work mom, then first of all see how much time you can devote for the job. There are lots of part time jobs and flexible jobs for working moms. So, decide the optimal time that you can spare and then choose the options accordingly. There are many good companies that have flexible working hours and offer work from home opportunities also.

Make changes in your resume

Update your resume and add the skills that you have gathered till date. Your resume should clearly depict your qualifications, skills, the past work experience, the reason why you wish to join work now, the areas of your interest, how you will prove to be an advantage for the organization etc. So make the changes in your resume and it will increase the chances of your procuring a good job. If you don’t want to start from the scratch, you can look for online resume maker tools like Canva that provide you numerous ready-to-use templates for free.

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Apply through the best possible sources and make use of networking

There are various online job portals where you can apply and there are HR agencies as well that may help you in finding the most suitable job. You will definitely receive a call back in a few days. Networking can also help you find a suitable job. You can ask your friends, family members, relatives, and previous co-workers to notify you about suitable job opportunities. You can post your job related requirement on social platforms as well. These strategies will work in your favour to a great extent.

Practice a lot before appearing for the interview

When you are joining work after a long break then it is obvious that you will feel a little hesitant. In order to shed your inhibitions you must practice a lot before the actual interview. Work on your dressing style, try to incorporate some positive changes in your personality, look for the interview questions that may be asked, research about the company from where you have got an interview call etc. By practicing all these things your confidence will build up and the chances of grabbing the job at the first go will increase.

Look for an organization that understands your needs

Don’t be in a hurry to get any job that comes your way. Make sure to enquire about the organization and accept the offer letter only if you agree with their terms and conditions. Don’t join a company or source that has very rigid terms of working. Look for a company that understands the situation of working mothers and has flexible plans for you.

Don’t create too much pressure on yourself

If you are unable to clear the initial interviews or if you are not getting a call from the desired company then there is nothing to worry about. It is not something to feel depressed about. The world is full of opportunities and the right one will surely knock on your door at the perfect time. So, always believe in yourself and remember that nothing is impossible in this world.

Use the information I have shared here and I am pretty sure you will have the job of your dreams soon!

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