Humanity Is Just A Right Thought At The Right Time

Posted: May 18, 2018

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Sometimes, in the midst of routine, busy lives, a small act of help reminds us what humanity is.

It was a Friday morning. I finished my morning walk and was looking for movie tickets to take my son out on Saturday. I checked some movies and booked a ticket. But when I saw that I realized that it was for Friday instead of Saturday.

I thought for a while and decided to go alone as my son was in school. I got ready and got going. Somewhere nearby there was a huge traffic jam. I was going uphill and am a new driver. So, eventually the car was stuck. I tried hundreds of times to pull it up but couldn’t.

I was frustrated, tired and wondering what to do.  I thought to wait till the traffic reduced and then may be come down and try again to pull it up. But I was not sure if I could do that.

Suddenly on the busy road I saw a passerby making some gestures and what I could understand was he was telling me to wait for him to come and help me.

But I didn’t believe that at that moment. It was a Friday morning. People must be rushing to office. Why would someone come to me to help!

To my surprise, two minutes later he walked down towards me. He told me to sit on the front seat and he would help me out. At first I was reluctant but I didn’t have much choices at that time. So I thought to trust him at that moment. He sat on the driver’s seat, switched on the engine and tought me how to pull it off in that kind of scenario. At first I didn’t understand. He tought me again and again till I understood. I pulled the car away a little far. After reaching there I saw his car was parked in the corner. I thanked him and he gave me a smile and went away.

I went for my movie and got busy with life. But since that day whenever I remember that incident, a few questions start buzzing in my head. People are so busy now a days that they don’t have time to stop and look at the world around them. People who are a little free choose to take selfies and pictures of accidents instead of helping at that time.

That day when I was in trouble, the same thing could have happened. That man might be also going to office. He might be also getting late. Still he found a place to park his car, came back and patiently tought me how to pull it off and went away with a smile. There were hundreds of people on that road but nobody else came in. Well, how did it matter! To bring in a change, it required only one person and that one person came to lend me that helping hand.

I am so pleasantly surprised to realize that humanity is nothing but a right thought at the right time. It’s as simple as that but we humans are so ignorant to understand such simple things and run behind what exactly, I have no idea…..

Thanks a lot to that stranger for his right thought at the right time and I hope I too get them often.

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