Back then, I used to get sad, worried and would constantly think, that only I am the one who faces problems. I was obese, felt that I looked ugly and wondered if ever I would lose weight and look good. Slowly, I realized that I had developed health issues like knee pain, back pain, headaches and I felt miserable.

One day, a friend suggested to try yoga. I was anyway planning to start that, hence I went on and joined her. When I went for the class, the instructor explained to me that it’s not Hath yoga but it’s therapeutic yoga which consists of a combination of Hath yoga, meditation and aromatherapy.

I didn’t understand much but was determined to start as I could understand that something was going miserably wrong with me which I wanted to fix. Initially, I could do the hath yoga part, as it was easier but, was not able to meditate. They say when the body stays still completely and the mind stops thinking, then the astral body goes out to the astral plane and you find all solutions for your problems there. It was too complicated to understand, all I could understand was to stay still and stop thinking. Oh, and ask me, I was the only one in the batch and the notorious one at that, blinking my eyes every second wondering if each one was really still. To my surprise, actually they all were.

With continuous practice, finally I realized that I was able to stay still. Slowly, I could even stop thinking for a while. That is when I suddenly felt that I was feeling very happy without any reason.

The instructor then introduced me to the world of  ‘Pranic Healing‘. Prana means energy, so ‘Pranic Healing’ implies – Energy healing. I attended the basic healing workshop and came to know about our energy bodies and how the held up emotions turn into physical pain and diseases. What I brought home with me were few things:

“Forgive everyone not because they deserve it but because we need to get ditached from the negative emotions”.

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“ Love everyone inspite of the differences”.

“ Karma serves you the same way you have served”.

We have always heard of these things. So, people might be wondering what’s new!

That day, I learnt how to actually practice these in life, at every stage. Pranic healing taught me that we need to first forgive ourselves and love ourselves in order to forgive and love everyone else around us. This practice brings in a tremendous sense of peace within, that the world seems like a very beautiful place.

When I introspect my life now, I am a very happy person and don’t have any complains with my life. I have a solution to every problem, I am more calm and patient.This positivity has changed me completely as a person and I am loving it.

Thanks a lot to the divinities and Pranic healing for the transformation in me.

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