Did You Know? Here Are 6 Ways Excess Of Green Tea Can Be Harmful For You

Posted: January 9, 2018

It might dishearten you, as you must feel that you have found the panacea for all illnesses, but there are side effects of green tea that can harm you. 

Are you overweight and thinking of having green tea? Did your friends suggest you have it so that you remain as fit as a fiddle? Well, this fragrant tea is considered to be a super health drink more than a beverage in today’s daily life, where you hardly get  the time to make your health turn into wealth. Every good thing has its darker side too, and there are side effects of green tea that you should be aware of.

Green tea has been clinically proven to be the panacea of certain incurable disease like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease,  cardiovascular abnormalities, keeping your blood pressure under control etc. but you cannot completely consider it a ‘miracle herb’.

6 side-effects of green tea you must beware of

If you are anemic or have tendency for low haemoglobin

Did your blood reports always have low or borderline low haemoglobin, or have you been prescribed iron supplements? If yes then you have to sacrifice your cuppa, or should decrease the number of cups that you drink per day. Green tea comes with tannins that create obstacles that restrict absorption of iron from your food or supplements.

If you are a patient of osteoporosis

It might sound strange. You might wonder: what is the link between osteoporosis and green tea? After all, osteoporosis is considered as ‘thinning of bones’ that affects older people more than younger folk!

Bone strength is related to the calcium in them, and consuming too much green tea increases your blood calcium level – calcium which is pulled out of bones – which flushes out with urination, thus decreasing the calcium in your system, giving rise to osteoporosis.

Can damage liver if taken in excess

Green tea contains chemical compounds called catechins, which are antioxidants, but proven to be harmful if consumed in excess. They interrupt the metabolic process by attacking mitochondria which are also referred as ‘powerhouses of cells’, thereby giving rise to adverse health conditions like liver failure, hepatitis or jaundice.

Risky for pregnant and lactating women

Consumption of this in excess may increase the chance of miscarriages and may give rise to other unfavorable conditions. It is better to  say completely “NO” to green tea during pregnancy. Lactating women have the risk of passing caffeine through their breast milk to their infant hindering their development in future.

Avoid it if you are on medications

If you are healthy and full of beans then you don’t have to compromise on your favorite drink, but if you are on medication and taking antibiotics, blood thinners drugs like warfarin or heparin or any medicines related to asthma problems then green tea might prove harmful to you so it is advisable to consult your doctor before drinking it.

Not advisable for people having low tolerance to caffeine

Green tea contains caffeine too, and excess consumption will cause certain disorders like palpitations, insomnia, and nervousness. People who react adversely to caffeine will certainly go through these symptoms even if they consume it in small quantities.

Green tea is considered to be the healthiest beverage of all the beverages, but everything has a certain limit. So to get the benefits and avoid the side effects of green tea, it should be taken in low to less-than-moderate amounts – limited to 2-3 cups per day!

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