What Would You Invent To Make Life Easier For Women? Our Readers Have A Lot To Say!

Posted: December 4, 2017

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We asked our readers what would they like to invent to make life easier for women if they could on Facebook and there’s a variety of answers! Check them out here.

On a post on Facebook, we asked our readers what they would like to invent to make life easier for women.

So naturally, the floodgates opened because, let’s face it, women tackle a lot of things which are unnecessarily tough about their lives. Be it something biological like menstruation or the same old social norms which don’t let us live in peace.

Here are some of the really interesting answers!

This person kept it real because we really need this kind of a thing in our lives.

“Some device which pressed would make the woman disappear in times of danger .. The device which could sense her emotion , her adrenalin rush , her environment, her safety . That moment she could protect herself by vanishing ( Hope this would save children , woman and animals too need these days )” – Swathi Joshnaa Sathish

Another practical demand which could actually make things very, very easier.

“In a rural context: MOBILITY! A scooter, car, bike, cycle, whatever. So an app or a charm that provides more women with driving skills.” – Tante Mina

If the conditions keep going the same way as they are, Sanghati has a very valid point here, to be honest.

“A separate planet….” – Sanghati Bakshi Kazi

This might just be the very first response that comes to every woman’s mind. It’s sad that we have to wish for something like this because apparently all of this is a woman’s work only. * rolls eyes *

“A robot which can take care of house keeping completely – house cleaning, mopping, dusting, vessels cleaning & putting them back, washing, drying, ironing & arranging clothes; maintaining bathrooms & water closets;setting up dewan , sofa, show case… Finally maintaining the kitchen- never mind if it has to be another robot” – Meera Murali

lot of people had a lot of thoughts about the elephant in the room: MONTHLY PERIODS!

“Decomposable sanitary napkins or some sort of thing to make hygiene during menstruation available without compromising the environment.” – Pragnya Sandy

“If I must reply, I’ll say it’s a med. that’ll stop monthly periods without side effects.” – Neeta Banerjee

“Seasonal mating- like other animals no need to go thru menstrual periods all through the year but only when one wants offspring blah blah” – Prathibha Ryali

Lastly, we got some sobering replies which require us to reflect on them to see what the world can actually do to make life easier for women.

something which helps our opposite gender realise that we women should be treated the same way as they themselves want to be treated by others.” – Madhumita Das Sengupta

“To make women’s life easier we do not need any new thing to be invented. Just need to change mindset of people ….and things would be easier for everyone…men or women. People do not need luxury, or many things to have easier life, they need support, understanding and encouragement in day to day life to have easier happy life. So I wouldn’t invent anything……” – Bina Rabadia

These were some responses from our readers. If you have more innovative ideas, don’t hesitate to share them below!

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