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Posted: November 8, 2017

When was the last time a guy tried to tell you how something works just because you were a woman? Refresh your fond memories of mansplaining here!

Mansplaining is basically this cute thing that men do, where they think that women being women are stupid and, obviously, don’t know what they’re talking about. Be it rocket science or menstruation, they seem to be extraordinarily interested in simplifying all that for the poor womankind. How noble!

Here are some examples of this philanthropy, that some exceptions of the male kind showered on us, as I found from a look through Quora.

This guy clearly doesn’t need degrees to know things

“He then turned and started explaining the mechanics of the problem and how they should have solved it, in great detail. He must have somehow forgotten that he was talking to a mechanical engineer working in the mechanical engineering department.” – Charlotte Harvey

This one knew what was up before that woman, obviously!

“A man lecturing me on how to wash blood off sheets. (This is to do with work, nothing weird. One of the patients had a nosebleed.) I have been menstruating for thirty-one years. One thing I do know is how to remove blood stains.” – Mary Lea

This could be a scene from a comedy movie, where the actress would proceed to fall in love with the guy anyway.

“My line of work involves going to the client’s workplace for audit purposes. My coworkers, 2 women, went over for one such assignment. The helper there was a creep who kept trying to touch them, talk to them and solicit them with creepy singing. One day, things went too far, and the guy tried to place his head between their seats to do god-knows-what. They jumped up, and loudly berated him. The manager of the place yelled at them, claiming they were acting too sensitive, and that guys tended to do such things (in a very subtle, indirect manner, so they couldn’t even call him out on it!)” – Kirtana Gopakumar

She should be thankful he didn’t start abusing her right away, so polite omg!

“About a year ago or so, some men stalked me online and kept giving me unnecessary advise about how to look and behave in order to get the attention of men. Ironic, isnt it? I already had their attention without wanting to have it btw.” – Lucea Kacsik

Like I said, men don’t need no education to ‘splain’ things. 

“A guy I was seeing a couple of years ago pointed out Jupiter in the night sky. He “splained” that Jupiter is the largest planet. This guy’s highest level of education was community college. I have three degrees from universities. Apparently he thought I was too educated to know something that simple.” – Shelley McCoy

These are just some instances of mansplaining, of something that is so rampant in the world that almost every woman seems to relate to it in one way or another. Let us know your experiences below!

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