Why Insiya In Secret Superstar Feels So Close To Each One Of Us

Secret Superstar is the story of Insiya, but also of any Indian girl whose life has no real celebration or purpose other than satiating her future husband.

Secret Superstar, a film that the nation is going gaga over is the story of Insiya, but also of any Indian girl whose life has no real celebration, whose life has no purpose other than that of satiating her future husband in every possible way!

Don’t we have an abundance of ‘Insiyas’ around the society? They are the girls whose birth isn’t anticipated much, whose self esteem is crippled and crushed, whose wishes and desires die a muffled death. And these are initiated at the hands of their own kith and kin!

Secret Superstar revolves around a young girl’s only aspiration of becoming a renowned singing sensation, that gets brutally trampled by the male chauvinist ego of her father; a father who believes in acting as an autocratic force of power in the entire household; a father who bashes his wife at the drop of a hat; a father who becomes the flag bearer of extreme favoritism towards the male child.

The film is Insiya’s single handed struggle to fulfill her dream and also free her mother from her abusive partner. On the one hand, Inziya has a tyrant for a father, but on the other hand, she has some strong male counterparts like her brother Guddu, her best friend Chintan and the otherwise obnoxiously upstart music director, Shakti Kumar, portrayed by none other than the cinematic genius called Aamir Khan, who support her unconditionally at every single step. However the person who needs to be celebrated the utmost is Najma, Insiya’s Ammi who evolves from being a helpless wife to a strong mother, and leaves no stone unturned to see her daughter reach the skies!

It’s rightly said, a woman’s power should never be questioned, for it becomes an uncontrollable force when it comes to protecting her children; she gives up on her ‘settled’ conjugal life to pursue her daughter’s dream; the gleam in her eyes thus becomes evident and flows down as uncontrollable tears of joy to see her daughter live her dreams!

Secret Superstar is about all those anonymous girls/women who die a slow death within the four walls of their so called ‘secure’ homes, irrespective of their educational pursuits, irrespective of their societal status, irrespective of how vociferous they are, in their pursuit of happiness which again isn’t theirs own – it’s their families’.

Secret Superstar may pave the way for the fruition of many such unfulfilled aspirations but bringing about a societal transformation is something that time will have to witness!

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