This New Instagram Profile Is Telling Rape Culture To ‘Eat Shit’ #SoDoneChilling

Check out this new Instagram handle, @sodonechilling, that is grabbing attention for its no BS approach to rape culture.

Check out this new Instagram handle, @sodonechilling, that is grabbing attention for its no BS approach to rape culture.

Rape Culture is a problem that we have somehow normalised to the extent where we don’t even see it as a problem but as a usual mundane reality. Rape culture is nothing but exactly this normalisation of sexual assault and violence.


To challenge something that is so deeply embedded in our systems, on the levels of the individual, country and even the whole wide world, is a great task. But a step like this is vital to ensure that there might be a chance of dismantling this rigid structure. The very first thing that is to be done is to call it out like this page is doing. Call out all these signs that you witness, anytime and anywhere. To begin with, in your mind – so that you can go ahead and spread this awareness.

This campaign is the brainchild of writer and artist Sheena Dabholkar, who recently called out the founder and team of the popular High Spirits Cafe in Pune for sexual harassment of female guests and performers at the venue.

Cultures grow because we let them, and then they get cemented into our very beings. Question what you don’t understand, ask them out loud and get discussions going. This is not something that we can get rid of by going on a bloody rampage with a chainsaw, but by talking. By doing our part, helping people around us grow into better individuals. That is of supreme importance. Doing our bit is more important than we think, and extremely so.

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The medium that the admins of this page have chosen is very clever – they know how Instagram has taken over our lives and what it can do to spread ideas in an accessible way. I hope this movement gathers momentum, more than it already has, to bring about a much-required change in our society.

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