7 Quick & Easy To Cook Oat Recipes Which Are Healthy And Yummy To Taste

7 easy to cook oat recipes which are healthy, yummy to taste and which can be whipped up in minimal time. What are you waiting for?

7 easy to cook oat recipes which are healthy, yummy to taste and which can be whipped up in minimal time. What are you waiting for?

Whether you’re a fitness freak, a nutritionist or just someone like me trying to maintain a remotely healthy lifestyle, introduce oats in your daily diet and see the changes for yourself. Oat recipes when incorporated into a daily diet can help make your skin better, aid in weight loss, and build up immunity, while also having that essential soluble fibre.

Why incorporate oat recipes in Indian diet?

Oats can easily be the ‘must have’ grains trending in our Indian kitchens. Besides being healthy, oats recipes are typically easy to cook and can be easily substituted for rice in many of our traditional Indian meals.

The benefits of oats include being a rich source of nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, biotin, vitamin E and also rich in soluble fibres, which aids us in keeping us full for a longer period of time. It is also packed with antioxidants and aids in reducing cholesterol levels. Other than popularly being consumed as oatmeal, oats serve as a quick fix for hunger pangs and can be incorporated in the main meals, as well. Whether you are rushing to work or packing your child off to school, oat recipes can be a lifesaver.

I came across a few oat recipes which are easy to prepare, delicious to eat and which aren’t very time-consuming to cook.

Oat upma

If you are looking for a healthy breakfast option and are bored with the regular oatmeal, you can try this for a refreshing change. This includes both oats and vegetables and gears you for a good start to the day.

Recipe here.

Oats khichdi/pongal

This is a good breakfast/dinner option. It is best served hot with sambhar/chutney. Here, oats are substituted for rice, giving the traditional ‘khichdi’ a unique twist.

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Recipe here.

Oats bisebele bath

This is a popular lunch/ dinner main course meal in South India, especially in Karnataka and Chennai. Here again, we use oats instead of rice to make it a healthier option. It is best eaten hot or warm.

Recipe here.

Oats and banana smoothie

This can be served at the onset of a day, or as a mid-day snack. It can be prepared within 15 minutes.

Recipe here.

Oats laddoo

This oats recipe can be served in the snack box for school going kids, and can be looked at as a healthy after-school snack. It is a mix of both oats and nuts, and also an interesting variant from the regular laddoos.

Recipe here.

Oats kheer

This one can be served as a mouth-watering dessert, as an after-meal option. Here, we use oats with milk, ghee and nuts.

Recipe here.

Oats Idli/Dosa

As a South Indian, I often start off my day with idli/dosa. This is one of the most effective ways to incorporate oats in your breakfast and give it a ‘desi’ feel, as well. This again is served best with either chutney/sambhar.

Recipe here.

So which among these oat recipes are you going to try today?

Image source: pexels

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