Why Do Women Quit Their Jobs? This Infographic Gives You A Quick Picture

Why do women quit their jobs? And what can be done to help more women stay at work?

Why do women quit their jobs? And what can be done to help more women stay at work?

According to a panel discussion on Women Leadership at the World Women Summit, based on industry reports, a whopping 48 percent of Indian women quit their career midway.

According to a a detailed study conducted for the Kelly Global Workforce Index, an annual survey that looks at work-life design, 41% of women in tech companies leave after 10 years. Where are these missing women? Why do women quit their job in India?

Gender equality and career participation of women is a problem that prevails in the entire world. While there are some challenges that exist around the world, there are also cultural factors that are specific to India that makes women quit their job.

Some of the key reasons that women in India quit their jobs are:

  • Stress in managing work and family after pregnancy
  • The double burden of work and home: according to the survey, 92% of the daily household tasks are done by women
  • Gender inequality in work as in many cases women have to work twice as hard as compared to men, to prove themselves
  • Support system and social pressure are other key reasons. There is pressure on women to be an ideal woman, ideal daughter, and daughter-in-law. Many women also do not have a proper support system to take care of their children while they are at work.

I’ve summarised some of the key findings of this important study here in this infographic. This really ought to give senior leaders in industry some food for thought, as to what India Inc needs to do to truly use women’s skills and talents well, rather than losing out on them mid-way.

Career Path of Women in India

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