These Top 6 Digital Marketing Mistakes Can Really Screw Up Your Business

Investing in Digital Marketing is one of the most valuable decisions you can ever take for your business. Don't make these digital marketing mistakes!

Investing in Digital Marketing is one of the most valuable decisions you can ever take for your business. However, don’t make these digital marketing mistakes! Learn, and learn well.

The reach of digital media is so understated in India, that many businesses are not even aware that they need to invest time and resources into it. While many of us know it is important, we don’t precisely know why – beyond the fact that everyone else is doing it.

Why is digital marketing important?

Digital marketing is much more advanced than the traditional style of marketing because,

  • It helps you reach your target audience directly
  • It is more affordable than traditional marketing
  • It enables you to track and monitor results quickly

One has to be very careful in selecting the right strategy to generate reach. Many of the tactics would take a long time to actually reflect in your results. In digital marketing, the return on investment is always aimed at the long run, but the advantage is that you can track the results during the process, and iterate.

While investing in digital marketing is crucial, there are certain things that would mean a costly mistake for your company. There are certain digital marketing mistakes that would screw you up ultimately, even if they look attractive in the short run. 

Top 6 Digital Marketing Mistakes

1. Not studying the buyer persona

Digital marketing strategy starts by defining the buyer persona. As described by HubSpot, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of an ideal customer based on market research and data about your existing customers. A buyer persona is defining the demography, behavior patterns, interests, pain points and social media preferences of your existing customers. Defining your buyer persona would help you with:

  • Identifying the real problems faced by the persona
  • Focus your products/services to address the issues faced by them
  • Having a better marketing strategy with a better focus only on your target.
  • Analyzing the existing pitfalls in your products/ services and offering a better one

hubspot buyer persona க்கான பட முடிவு

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2. Wrong SEO tactics or not doing SEO at all

SEO helps in getting your business to the target market by making you visible in the search engine results page. It is so crucial for a new business with no brand image. It is equally important for any established business to be visible when someone searches for their products. Not investing in SEO would eventually put your competitors in a better place. Your business is not even going to be around in the search engine results page without SEO.

On the other hand, wrong SEO tactics like buying paid links, keyword stuffing, spammy backlinks or blackhat SEO, could make your website look spammy. Search engines hate spammy websites and would penalize the websites that they consider spammy. It is better to follow white hat SEO strategies to be in the good books of the search engines.

3. Not creating valuable content

Content is the king and it is the only reason why search engines exist. You would have been reminded by many about the importance of content in the digital world. Any content or content just for the sake of it doesn’t sell here. The content should add some value to your readers. If you are not creating any value, then there is no need for them to visit your website.

Try getting creative with your content and most importantly the title of your content. Only attractive titles get the maximum clicks. The best content that ranks well in search are often more than 2000 words long.

not doing SEO க்கான பட முடிவு


Content can be any of the following forms:

  • A simple message/meme
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Guides
  • Ebooks
  • Lists
  • Case study
  • Podcast
  • White paper or
  • Interviews

Create content that your buyer persona is searching for. Try solving problems of your buyer persona with your content. This would help you position your product well. This would build trust for your products and would improve your search traffic

4. Not reaching out to influencers in your niche

Influencers play a very big role in bringing your content to the world. Reaching for the influencers in your niche would help you bring more traffic to your website and more attention to the product that you are selling.

If you are wondering why:

Influencers are people with many followers in social media. They help you to reach the target market quickly. It is similar to celebrity endorsement. Influencers are a set of people who are considered experts in a niche and have a good number of people following them.

Now to bring your product or content out,

There are two ways to reach out to influencers. One is by using many paid services like blogmint, blogadda,, etc. Another way is to develop a relationship with the influencers in your niche. This is very time consuming but really worth it.

You can find influencers with help of websites like or You can reach out to them by sending emails to them about their blog or by commenting on their social media pages or even by commenting on their blog posts.  The problem is many would not even respond to you. But be persistent. Reach out to at least ten influencers a day.

The best way to grab an influencer’s attention is fixing their website’s broken links. There are a lot of online tools to find broken links on a website. Use one of these tools to find the broken links of your influencer’s website and mail them about it. This would grab their attention quickly as broken links are bad for a website. You could ask to link your website to their content as a return favor. This method is the most successful method in grabbing influencer’s attention.

5. Not studying your competitors

Another common mistake which many do in digital marketing is not studying their competitors. Competitor analysis is the best way to snoop around the recent trends in the market. It is also the best way to know how they build trust or how they promote their products. You can also incorporate the strategies which worked for them. Sign up for their newsletters and scan their websites and social media pages to know how they are reaching the target audience.

You can also use tools like Moz and ahrefs to know which keywords your competitors rank for. These tools also help you to understand the backlink profile of your competitors. You could use the same strategy or use a more advanced strategy to move ahead fast.

6. Not setting or measuring marketing goals

One of the common digital marketing mistakes is not having tangible marketing goals for your business. Your marketing objective must be quantitatively measured in order to know if you have run a successful marketing campaign. You have to define your tangible marketing goals and evaluate them periodically.

For example, if you have a goal of achieving 20000 new customers in one year, then you plan to achieve this by SEO and content marketing or a promotional social media campaign to reach the target. It is equally important to evaluate the performance of these channels periodically to know if you are on track.

Though these strategies are not very complicated, if you follow the wrong tactics, then it would hit back at you very fast. It is better to understand the techniques well before experimenting it on your business.

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