5 Things You Should Talk To Teens About To Make Those Growing Up Years Less Confusing

We asked some of our writers, "What are the other things you should talk to teens about, other than the obligatory 'sex-ed'?" Here is one answer.

We asked some of our writers, “What are the other things you should talk to teens about, other than the obligatory ‘sex-ed’?” Here is one answer.

Teen years can be intimidating for teens as well. This is a time when they are not children anymore and there is still time to be acknowledged as an adult. Boy, it can be baffling at times, yet, there is no need to panic. You just have to take one day at a time.

Below are few suggestions on the way while you rock it as a teen:

Be yourself

This is a time when you look at the world with fascinating eyes. You may get impressed easily and may also find new influences waiting for you.

Soak it all in but maintain your individuality. You may think your friend’s dressing style is trendier but before emulating her, find if it suits you and if it will be comfortable. Blind copying often leads to disastrous results. Try to maintain your uniqueness all the time, because you are special.

Learn to say No

At this age, you are expected to adjust to the new things that happen around you. Yet, there are some occasions when you need to take a stand.

Your friend might be thinking it is cool to take his father’s car and go on a long drive. You can say no because it is not only illegal to drive at this age but also dangerous. You will find yourself in many such situations; do not hesitate to refuse if you sense trouble. Your friends may tease you at this point, but after some years, they will admit, ‘Man, you were cool’.

Think of life goals

Though there is still time to figure out about life, just thinking about the future and what you wish to do, might not hurt.

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Try this exercise. Take a notebook and write about your ambitions, hopes and dreams. Maybe, you wish to be a movie star or you want to do research in biotechnology. Note it all down. Look at what you have written once in a while. As years pass by, you may not relate to most of what you have written but some ideas will remain and inspire you to achieve big.

Devote some time to a hobby

Of course, teens too need a respite from their daily schedule once in a while. Indulge in a different activity. Arts and crafts seem a great idea or even gardening.  With internet to help you learn more about hobby activities, you need not even join a class for the same.

Give your parents a chance

Teen years are often seen as a conflicting period, especially with parents. Ok, your parents may not be right all the time but they do deserve a chance to be heard.

See what they have to say and instead of disapproving right away, give some time to think about it. If you do not agree with them, explain to them why. They will definitely understand your point, well… most of the time. Come on, they will be what they are, your parents!

You will get loads of advice every day from different quarters. Some may be helpful, some may motivate you while some you may not relate to at all but at the end of the day, it doesn’t hurt to listen to them and take things that matter with you on your journey to this amazing place called ‘Life’.

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