I Bring You Christmas Cookie Recipes That You Cannot Miss This Christmas

Bake Christmas cookies with these interesting ideas to make it a fun activity for the whole family.

Bake Christmas cookies with these interesting ideas to make it a fun activity for the whole family.
Baking some Christmas cookies is as fun as decorating the Christmas tree with DIY embellishments. Christmas baking is so enjoyable, especially with different Christmas shaped cookie cutters and the authentic aroma that fills the kitchen.
Though Christmas cake, how to decorate the cake using icing comes to your mind when you think about baking for Christmas, cookies are equally entertaining (and yum!).
During my school days, all the Christmas cookies looked the same – either round or square shaped. Though the taste was authentic, it is more fun to bake the Christmas cookies now with the introduction of cute cookie cutters and amazing frosting ideas.
Kids are going to absolutely love them – not just eating but the process of baking as well! All you need to do is roll the dough and it would be a fun activity for kids to cut the dough using cookie cutters in the shapes of stars, Christmas tree, umbrella, bells, santa claus etc.

Basic Christmas cookies

Here is an easy Christmas video recipe of baking basic sugar cookies with just three ingredients. These can be made in advance and act as good snack options.

A little jam adds fun

Here are three simple Christmas cookie recipes from the same dough. If you are someone like me who would save the jam in the middle of the cookie for a last jelly-full bite, then this one is for you.

Want some colour?

Here is a video on how to get a some colourful swirls and twirls to make your cookies more appealing with style

How about some spice with your Christmas cookies?

This easy recipe of ginger bread Christmas  cookies is another famous version followed for Christmas baking. Check out the video, which also shows how to decorate the ginger bread cookies with basic sugar frosting.

Christmas snowball cookies

These cookies are called by many other names too such as Russian tea cake cookies, wedding cookies, mexican sugar cookies etc. Unlike other cookie recipes, here the butter is browned and mixed with nuts to give it an altogether different flavour and taste. Here is the video.

Christmas chocolate cookies

I know people who do not consider cake as a cake, ice cream as an ice cream, cookie as a cookie unless it is chocolaty! Chocolate has such special status in baking. This super easy Christmas chocolate cookie recipe is for those chocolate and brownie lovers!

Icing – the best part!

I know the hardest part in baking is the waiting – that time when the entire house would be filled with the sweet sugar and butter aroma and you cannot wait to open the oven! But good things come to those who wait; while the cookies are getting done, get some food colours and get busy in preparing the frosting.
Here are a few ideas to decorate your precious Christmas tree cookies with royal icing.
If you love baking and have all the time and interest to decorate your cookies intricately then do try this recipe. You need to have some piping tips, food colours and stencils to decorate the cookies. It is not just cakes, but cookies can look ornamental too!
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