Wondering How To Decorate A Cake Using Icing? Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Do So!

Let your cakes do the talking! Here are a few simple ideas for using icing, and techniques to learn how to decorate a cake using the same.

Let your cakes do the talking! Here are a few simple ideas for using icing, and techniques to learn how to decorate a cake using the same.

In this age of tech and the innovations in the kitchen, no design is impossible to create on a cake using icing. The next time you bake a cake at home, make it richer and more interesting with some icing designs. Of course, a cake would be appreciated for it’s flavour, texture and taste, but the way you present it makes the first and best impression.

While baking is perfection, icing is an art! More than anyone else, a baker knows the joy of baking a perfect cake. If you are someone who has an eye for detail and loves to try different techniques on how to decorate a cake then read about these icing techniques.

Learning how to decorate a cake with icing is now easy!

You can use just a zip lock bag to fill your buttercream icing and do the decoration. However, there has been so much progress on how to decorate a cake and with that came the icing tips. These icing tips come in different sizes and shapes and are handy, making the job of decorating a cake so enjoyable!

To get you started, please watch this tutorial on how to use a decorating bag and different icing tips.

Here are few ideas that you can implement with buttercream icing. These are inspired by nature, which makes the cake look as real as possible.

Sunflower icing

The combination of brown and yellow colours itself is a treat to eyes, which makes the sunflower look so beautiful. Here is a video on how to decorate a cake, the sunflower way and is super easy!

Sunflower cake

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Rainbow swirls icing

Ever wondered how to get different colours of icing on the cake with a gradual change of tint and not differentiated too much from each other? Well here is a technique to teach you just that, it is simple and the results look pretty.

Easy Rainbow Frosting Swirl Technique for Cupcakes

The ultimate rose icing!

Roses are known for their symmetry and superior shape of petals that makes them stand out in a bunch of flowers. Do you have all the time and patience to make that perfect rose on the cake? Then you should go for this slow and steady process of icing, and it might just turn out to be better than a real rose.

Buttercream rose flower cake decorating tutorial

Basket Icing

Fancy a basket to carry the roses? Or a fence to your precious roses? Here is tutorial on how you can make a basket with buttercream icing.

Basketweave Decorating Technique

Teddy bear icing

Using the grass icing tip, you can make a teddy bear too or for that matter any figure that needs a fur/grass design. Here is a simple tutorial and the teddy looks absolutely adorable

Teddy Bear Cake Decorating

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