Snack Time Or Tiffin Box? Just Try One Of These Nutritious And Easy Sandwich Recipes

Easy sandwiches recipes are all we need to please all kinds of guests or for your child's snack. Here is a list of 5 easy sandwiches recipes that are handy for a busy day.

Easy sandwich recipes are all we need to please all kinds of guests or for your child’s snack. Here is a list of 5 easy sandwich recipes that are handy for a busy day.

The sandwich is probably one snack that can even be considered as a full meal with the combination of carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients in its stuffing. These yummy sounding easy sandwich recipes can be made nutritious and can be quite filling too.

Easy sandwich recipes are also useful when you have kids who are fussy about eating vegetables or drinking milk. You can quickly sneak in a few veggies and top it with plenty of cheese and some butter. With easy sandwich recipes, you have a better deal and there is a good chance of you winning the dining table battles with your toddler.

Even if you have sudden guests at home, it would not take long to toss up a sandwich with these easy sandwich recipes, given that you have some bread, veggies and may be butter/cheese to make it more sumptuous.

I also used to make this bread pizza for my child as an evening snack and he absolutely loved it. All you need to do is is heat the bread, along with a cheese slice and some veggies on top of it and there you have a bread pizza in under a minute. This looks like any other easy sandwich recipes, just that I make it with a single bread to keep the portion size less and call it a pizza!

Here are some more easy sandwich recipes and ideas for you to explore.

Spinach cheese sandwich

We all know how spinach/palak is loaded with nutrients and has good dose of Iron content. Try this with the cheese combination for a yummy variation.

Spinach cheese sandwich recipe

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Corn sandwich

This is one of the super easy sandwich recipes, as you can boil the corn before hand and can cook up a sandwich in minutes. Be creative and you can try adding cheese, or spinach and cheese, as it is a well known recipe and liked by many.

Corn sandwich recipe

Sweet potato avocado sandwich

We all know the famous aloo sandwich. How about a sandwich with sweet potato? Here is an interesting variation – it is a vegan version.

Sweet potato avocado sandwich recipe

Oats sandwich

Have some leftover oats from breakfast? Add them to this stuffing as detailed in this easy sandwich recipe and you have a sandwich ready for your snack time.

Oats sandwich recipe

Paneer and pineapple sandwich

This easy sandwich recipe compensates for your fruit intake, as well as covers the protein dose in the form of paneer. I am sure kids will love this variation.

Paneer and pineapple sandwich recipe

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