“Meeting A Customer’s Needs Is What Makes A Business Unique” – Lalana Zaveri

Posted: July 20, 2016

Listen to entrepreneur Lalana Zaveri of Printo, who took few critical decisions during tough times and made her business stronger.

We are living in an age of endless options and special offers on almost everything we intend to buy. In such a frenzied market, how does a business make a place for itself? Added to that, if you are in a space where there is a tight competition, it becomes imminent to come up with some cool strategies, doesn’t it?

Lalana Zaveri of Printo says that she was in a similar situation few years back and a critical decision that she took restored the customers’ faith in their printing services.

Easier said than done – it is not a breeze to take negative feedback and it might become exceedingly difficult to accept anything less of one’s business offerings. However, when you are such an entrepreneur, the right question to ask yourself would be – “Given the extremely delicate situation, am I still ready to listen to what customers have to say? Do I have the courage to stand up for myself and continue the show?”

If you are willing to take the criticism in a sportive spirit and get down to work on a plausible solution then chances are that, it will sail you smoothly through all these challenges.

When the passion to make the business successful is strong enough then as an entrepreneur you would definitely go to great lengths to unlearn and learn things afresh, whenever it is desired. Instead of hesitating to dwell the issue fearing poor reviews, it is important how you come back strong after a rough phase.

The whole experience that you give a customer is what makes your business unique and it cannot be stressed enough. After all, entrepreneurship is bound to have those cliffs and valleys throughout their journey.

Hear to Lalana Zaveri of Printo on how she fought the odds with courage and made Printo the brand it is today. She was one of the wonderful speakers we had for our last Breaking Barriers event.

Come, be part of our next Breaking Barriers event to know more such real stories of strength and how different women entrepreneurs run their businesses effectively.

Watch Lalana Zaveri speak here.

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