‘We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic!’ This Video Takes On Stereotypes About Muslim Women

Posted: June 7, 2016
Award winning hip-hop dancer and choreographer Amirah Sackett aims to change the stereotypes about Muslim women through this dance video.  
Oppressed, docile, uneducated, ignorant, submissive and subservient are a few epithets that come to mind while addressing the “Muslim Woman.”
However, these negative stereotypes and generalizations are often the endowments of the Western media. It is high time that we look beyond the sensationalistic and the alarmist stories of the muslim world and come to more insightful conclusions regarding the identities of Muslim women and the community as a whole.

Using talent to change the way Muslim women are perceived

American teacher, singer and hip hop artist  Amirah Sackett founded “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic” (WMDP)  in 2011 challenging the accepted narratives about Muslim-Americans and Islam globally.
WMDP has embarked on this valiant journey of changing the way Muslim women are perceived all round the globe. With Islam becoming the second largest religion in Europe, they emphasize on the need to stop living by the fear of people’s judgments and instead enjoy being a woman, appreciating any differences between the sexes that may exist while strengthening their positions in the society.
Using a video easily accessible to everyone, they take on some of the preconceived notions about what it means to be a Muslim and a woman today. Whether you are religious or not, you will find it thought-provoking.

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