8 Tips For Making Your Bedroom A Retreat From Stress

Want to have a calm retreat in your home that is far away from the stress of everyday life? Here are 8 tips for easy and fun bedroom makeovers.

Want to have a calm retreat in your home that is far away from the stress of everyday life? Here are 8 tips for easy and fun bedroom makeovers.

A serene space to retire at the end of a busy day is so essential for my sanity in the daily rigmarole. I am so glad that for the last few years I have managed to create that for myself in spite of  shifting homes so often (and this I keep harping about in every post, but subconsciously, I must feel its a big achievement!)

No one knows the value of a peaceful nights sleep better than us women, that too the ones who are mothers. Just imagine if it were to happen in a beautiful, calm, and aesthetically designed room. That’s what our bedrooms need to be. They need to be plush, warm, with the right colours and lighting. And of course no extra stuff around because that, according to Vaastu and Fengshui, is the root cause of stress in our lives. The more we collect- the more our energies get twisted in the clutter in our lives, distracting us from the things that need attention.

So before I jot down these essential elements that go into making a serene room to retire in, I will highlight the fact that de-cluttering is very important for good design.

Use the bed as a pivot for design

Having said that, the positioning of the bed is more important than the design of it. There should be enough space to move around it. A common mistake is to place the bed along an awkward wall or in front of a wrongly placed window. This is seriously a big NO. Do not shift the beds to the corner just to allow more space in a room. Move the other things around, but don’t put these big boxes to a side. The room will never look orderly in such a case.

Choose a bed with a soft back to rest on and something which is high. That’s usually my preference. But in case your style is more zen like then make sure to accentuate the back of the bed with some art. It could be a minimalist style sculpture or a large blow up of your picture with your partner.


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Choose the colours well

We all know colours play an important role in setting our moods right. Monochrome is my thing for sure, but it doesn’t mean that the room has to look boringly so. Play with some degree of clean subtle shades. Do add accents, maybe in colour, pattern, texture or choice of material. But no compulsion there. The colours are a reflection of each one’s personality, so choose what feels good to you. Choose the upholstery in natural weaves rather than the shiny synthetic textiles, both for comfort and aesthetics.

Nightstands are significant

The bedside tables should definitely be large enough to accommodate everything you might need at night. Water, books, reading glasses, chargers, phones, ipads, a mid night snack… the list depends on what you need. So why leave any scope there for regret?

Also, let these tables be big enough so we don’t have to worry about anything getting toppled over at night. A small table does not solve any purpose and seems like an after thought.


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Personally I don’t like dressers in the bedroom. Dressers belong in the dressing rooms, if you have the luxury of a spare room. What I do like is placing a large mirror in the bedroom. This along with a chest of drawers or a tall boy should be very handy. Choose a more ornate frame if you like or a very straight line one. Can’t do without this one in my case. In my previous post about living rooms I mentioned my love for mirrors and here again, I can’t help but bring it up again.

Choosing the right mattress

Getting a comfortable mattress for both you and the partner is crucial for the relationship. I know of couples who started living in separate rooms because they couldn’t settle for the same mattress. Unless you are using that as an excuse for taking a break, I suggest you go shopping for this one together.

Some important things to consider :

  • Try to get a single piece for the whole bed.
  • Thickness should be anywhere between 6″ to 14″.
  • As far as the comfort is concerned, please decide by lying down on it once.
  • Make sure to give the measurements right. If the bed is from a reputed company, it would usually be of the standard sizes. If you buy the bed locally or at home by a carpenter, I suggest you check the sizes and give the exact measurements.

The right bed linen

Selecting the right quality of bed linen is really important. Buy from a renowned label and it can instantly lift the mood of the room. No need for satin and velvet here, just ensure its a rich cotton or silk for comforter and duvet covers. And as a rule change your sheets often and keep them fresh.

Keep the idiot box out

I know of many families who have completely thrown the television out of their homes. Kudos to them, but even if you can try to keep these out of the bedrooms, it’s a big achievement. I am surely very grateful for making this choice 7 years ago and would never want to change it back again. Dealing with smart phones in our lives, especially in the bedroom, is another big topic to tackle. I will save that for someone else.

Armchair or recliner


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Lastly, do get a reclining chair or a large sized armchair with a footstool. This is a must have piece of furniture which completes the room.

All of the points above with the right amount of lighting and some nice fragrances, will transport you instantly to a world away from all the madness and stress caused daily to our minds. Whether you are setting up your home for the first time, or want to go in for a makeover.

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