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To Fall In Love Again (Poem)

Posted: January 4, 2016

This slice-of-life poem speaks about the changing nature of love, and how external factors might affect it. Is it possible to fall in love again?

I still remember, how my mother watered the plants every morning,

Her beautiful golden hair shining bright in the sun

She sang and swayed with her own melodies….and I watched!

I watched and wondered what she thought; she always seemed to be in love.

And that’s when I knew….I was just like her!

I would spend night after night looking outside the window

Staring deeply into the moon’s face,

Trying to find an image of the boy I was going to meet soon

And I did meet him, one day, amongst the tall walls of books … we had picked up the same one

It was my moment of magic, the first time I had looked into a boys eyes and felt my heart stuck in my throat

The summer saw us, it saw our love, it saw the first kiss and the first touch

And the whispers passed on from summer to summer

Innocence came of age and love grew stronger

But things changed…

I was still as madly in love and he had gotten used to it

Love is not always enough he once told me,

And didn’t see it still flowing through my mind body and soul

His days got filled with paperwork and nights with tiredness

And I still managed to meet him in the day and dream about him in the night

Too stubborn to let go off the feeling of still being in love….with him!

He did take his vows seriously and said I was the most beautiful bride

It was the day I had been waiting for, for so long

And he knew it would come anyway

Life changed, yet it did not change anything

I was still crazy in love and thought would get crazier with time

Time taught me what family meant, and what it meant to have one with the one you love

I held my world in my palm, and did everything I always knew I would do

I was a wife and a mother, a strength and a support

I was everything, but, in love

Life went one and I fought to be in love

He still stood by me, he still held my hand

But, now it was to help me walk, not to make me fall in love

And the girl in me still searched his eyes for the boy she had fell in love with

I have lived my life, still living, but without him

He did not keep his promise, he was not the first one to leave

I just have to wait now, I will be done soon and hopefully meet him again

To look in his eyes once again and once again to fall in love

Image source: divided couple holding hands by Shutterstock.

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