A New World Just For Mom And Me [Poem]

Posted: January 14, 2016

Mother is always busy with some work or someone else. But the child wants her to come to a new world with him where it will be just the two of them.



Close your eyes dear mom, take a deep breath
Bustling all day, you probably need some rest.

Let’s travel to a new world-  you and me
Furl me around and walk with me I plea.

A world where you do not toil for a living
And spend each day with me just laughing and singing.

A world filled with books and rhymes
Chirp of birds and sweet sound of wind chimes.

A world where you sing lullabies each night
Soothing me to sleep, holding me tight.

A world where I get all your time
A world where you are just mine.

Image source: mother and child silhouette by Shutterstock.

In-post image courtesy the writer.

Mom, Wife, Daughter, Business Analyst, Volunteer at Asha for Education, Writer and Poet. Love donning

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