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Cerebral Palsy Did Not Deter Farida Bedwei From Becoming A CTO [Video]

Posted: October 12, 2015

Farida Bedwei is proof of what a child with disabilities can achieve when untiring efforts are put in by parents and caregivers.

As I watched an interview with the smart and beautiful Farida N. Bedwei on CNN’s ‘African Voices,’ I was blown away!

Farida’s is a tale of grit and determination – she was detected with cerebral palsy at a very young age, yet she did not let disability stop her from reaching for the stars. Farida is now the Co-founder and CTO of a software company called Logiciel (Ghana). Logiciel has recently been featured as one of the top ten technology companies in Ghana. Once we listen to Farida’s story, we realise that there is no mountain too high and no ocean too deep.

Farida’s incredible journey is a testimony to what a child with disabilities can achieve through the untiring efforts put in by parents or caregivers. Around the time Farida turned 1, it was confirmed that she had cerebral palsy. Though detection of any kind of disability in one’s child can come as a tremendous blow for parents, Farida’s mother Lydia Bedwei did not let that intimidate her. This dedicated mother set about trying to find ways to help Farida reach her maximum potential despite the diagnosis.

Lydia home-schooled Farida till she turned 12, since she realised that there were no proper schools for children with special needs in Dominica where Farida’s father had been posted for work. Farida also underwent speech therapy classes to help her out of her speech impairment and physiotherapy to help with her motor skills.

Farida was put in a regular school in Ghana at the age of 12, mainly to improve her social skills, but she surprised everybody by performing brilliantly in academics as well. She developed a love for computers at an early age and went on to get a diploma in computer engineering. She also worked for some of the best software companies in Ghana. While working she managed to get a second diploma in e-technology and later got a degree in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire in England.

Farida has written a book, Definition of a Miracle, which though not autobiographical, is about a girl called Zaara and how she deals with cerebral palsy.

Watch this inspiring video to see why we all need to let nothing limit us or stop us from realising our dreams!

Image via CNN.

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