The Recent Spate Of Child Rapes In India Is Disgusting And Shocking

The recent spate of child rapes and crimes against toddlers is appalling to say the least. Why isn't justice being served?

The recent spate of child rapes and crimes against toddlers is appalling to say the least. Why isn’t justice being served? Why isn’t the nation rising together and fighting this horror? 

If you have a 2-year-old child at home, or you have toddlers anywhere near you, do you look at them and see how sexy they are?

Didn’t like the adjective that I associated with a toddler, right? Did you make a sour face, or did you puke? So here comes a story that will make you cringe even more. I was just flipping through channels one day and came upon news that had me boiling with anger. A 2-year-old was kidnapped and raped by two teenagers. They were repeatedly showing CCTV footage of these two men taking the kid in their motor bike. And I couldn’t listen to it anymore after knowing that our government officials were playing the blame game. Seriously? You have time for that when such a horrific incident has taken place and the people who committed the crime are still at large? Obvious to say, I was disgusted by the fact that it was just a TWO-YEAR-OLD. Later, I came to know that there was a 5- and a 4-year old also raped in the same city.

These days, every time I read a news report on rape, I feel empty. I don’t feel anguish or angst. It feels more like watching the reruns of the same show that I hated at the first look and yet, I am forced to watch it over and over. If my feelings are that tortured by the mere mention of a rape that happened somewhere in the country, to someone unknown to me, then how about that person who was subjected with the abuse without her consent? How must she be feeling? And how would she be feeling if she were a toddler? Does she even know what really happened with her, other than the fact that someone hurt her beyond her understanding ability, in ways she never knew before?

She is left with humiliation. She is left with confusion. She is left with scars that are probably going to haunt her dreams. At the age of 2 her dreams are tarnished only because someone who was supposed to be human was lacking humanity and was replaced with evil.

Rape. I wish that we lived in a world where we didn’t know the meaning of the word rape. I wish that the rape was never known to anyone. I wish that there was no victim of rape.

Well, those are just wishes that no genie can ever grant, right?

Rape is a violation. Rape is gruesome. Don’t we all know that, you ask? Then my question is why is it happening again and again and again? More importantly, why is it happening to kids as small as 2 years of age? The frightening rise in rapes in the Indian society has resulted in dividing the country into two groups (yes, another division, that’s just what our country needed!)

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While one group sympathizes with the victims of rape, the other group points finger at the victims, resorting to victim blaming and shaming. I understand the first group. It is straight forward, isn’t it? But the other group, they in all their effort to stop the abuse, put the blame on the victims. Their clothes, their behaviour, their social habits, the way they talk and sit, their eating habits, nothing is spared by this group of ‘well-wishers.’ Restrain yourself from enjoying your life and save your dignity from a future rapist, they advise.

What I feel alarming is this sort of victim shaming. While rapists commit the shameful and disgusting crimes, the people who judge a girl on getting raped and tagging it as ‘she asked for it’ are providing a safe cocoon for the criminals. And these people are hiding behind the banner ‘society.’ Rapists are psychopaths. They don’t need any more “I know you didn’t mean to do it. It was all her fault” certificate.

We don’t need reasons like these to pop up everywhere, making the rapists feel like innocent kids who didn’t know anything else other than to act senselessly, whereas innocent kids are forced to know better than playing outside their own house. When it comes to rape, rapists are excused because the girls were luring them with their beauty and body, wearing inappropriate clothes. All of this is absurd. At least those arguments can’t be held when rapists go on a toddler hunt and molest and rape the tiny little children. And those who give excuses for such rapists, I want to ask, what did these toddlers WEAR or DO to lure the rapists towards them?

How long should we keep up with this charade while the rapists all over the country are proving again and again that they don’t need a trial? They are waiting for a proper punishment.

Rape is about violence and fear. Putting little kids who don’t even know the difference between good and bad people in such violent situations is just pathetic. At least when it comes to the abuse involving children, the punishment should be made severe. Because whatever be the explanation, whatever be the state of mind of the criminal, molesting and raping babies is unforgivable. What has the world come to? Lust for a toddler – in the 5-year old case, one person raped the child as two others looked on. These sick bastards were born out of a mother’s womb? These people surely can’t be called human. A series of barbaric crimes against children. They seem worse than animals. What kind of punishment would you term as appropriate for them? Cases drag in the Indian judicial system for years where criminals have come to terms that it will take years before they are even sentenced to something and with appeals here and there, there are chances that they will go free too. Criticize me if you want but I don’t think the law and judicial system does any justice to these horrific crimes. Personally, I would want to see these people tried in public in an arena, stoned to death or beheaded or something really brutal that they get tortured to death, rather than die with one lethal injection that will kill them instantly. No, these people should endure brutality for the horrendous crime they committed. One punishment for one such demon would become a lesson for all others who even think of kids as sexual commodities.

All these toddlers were kidnapped right in front of their houses or were in their house. So don’t think this will not happen to me or my kids or I am too careful. We have so many people who show love towards our kids when they are very young thinking they are cute. But be aware that one of them who is touching your kid may not be thinking they are cute, maybe thinking how to molest them given a chance. All these parents were careful and loved their kids as much as we do. Imagine yourself in their situation.Won’t you want to personally kill the people who did such a horrific crime, in case it was your kid? Make yourself and your kids aware of anyone who touches them more than you or they feel comfortable with. And PLEASE do not kid yourselves saying I have a boy, so I am good. Crimes against boys are also the same as they are towards girls.

We need an open public court system to try these criminals and give them the punishment they deserve; not let the law spin its wheels. These criminals need to understand that raping a child is the most terrible crime that they could have committed and every moment they live after that should be filled with torture! Don’t let the criminals give excuses for what they did because no reason can justify what they did. And don’t let our excuses fail any other child in the future! Let politicians make their own excuses. We should not live with the guilt that we could have done something to prevent such a crime but didn’t and because of that, another innocent toddler is a victim of demons that roam the world.

How long should we keep up with this charade while the rapists all over the country are proving again and again that they don’t need a trial? They are waiting for a proper punishment. They are asking for it. Isn’t it time to serve them what they actually deserve?

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