5 Amazing Modak Ideas: Have A Modak Makeover This Ganesh Chatruthi

Posted: September 17, 2015

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This Ganesh Chaturthi, go for these modak ideas with a twist! Try them at home, or we tell you where to find them!

Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet is as diversely represented as the elephant god himself. Modaks in Maharashtra, undrallus in Andhra Pradesh, kozhakattais in Tamil Nadu and kadubus in Karnataka, Bappa’s favourite sweet meat has now evolved from the conventional sweet and pidi (salted) variety that originally had either jaggery and coconut or carrot and dal pooranam. The modak, essentially a dumpling, has adapted itself to new cuisines and ingredients. From modak waffles and marzipan modaks to chocolate and peanut butter jelly and dry fruit modak, here are 5 amazing modak makeovers to add a touch of adventure to your celebrations.

1. Modak Waffle

Out of the Blue, a restaurant in Khar, Mumbai, has come up with a modak waffle that combines traditional modak ingredients like kesari, jaggery and coconut but in the shape of waffles, made out of semolina batter.

modak out of the blue

Photo courtesy Out of the Blue

2. Chocolate Modaks

chocolate modak

Photo courtesy Chakali

This one’s a rage in many cities. Chocolate modaks can either have chocolate, dark chocolate or Nutella filling or the outer wrap made of chocolate. Tiramisu modak is another variety of the chocolate modak.

3. Dharwad Peda Modak

Now here’s an unusual twist. Mishir Peda, a popular confectionary in Goa, sells a Dharwad peda modak with coconat flavouring. Its other varities include orange, Kiwi, Bournvita and dried fruit modak

4. Irish Cream Modak

This one skips the alcohol but retains the zing. Irish cream paste is mixed with the batter and the rest, as they say, is a history of the senses.

5. Paan Modak

The paan modak has become very popular during the last two years, as has thandai modak.

Experimenting with modaks this year? If so, do leave a comment about your innovation!

Header image courtesy Shutterstock.

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