This Lucknow College Has A Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Right On College Premises

Awadh Girls’ Degree College (AGDC) in Lucknow now have the facility of a sanitary napkin vending machine right within the premises of their college.

Awadh Girls’ Degree College (AGDC) in Lucknow now has the facility of a sanitary napkin vending machine right within the college premises.

With each passing day, India is earning the reputation of a nation where women bear the brunt from various watchdogs of society and in every sphere of life. The ground reality though continues to change and one can encounter delightful and empowering stories of steps taken which would have been unheard of only a couple of years back.

One such story comes from the city of Lucknow, where the students of Awadh Girls’ Degree College (AGDC) now have the facility of a sanitary napkin vending machine right on the premises of their college. No more dreading any changes in their menstrual cycle for these girls; no more running to the college nurse and no more waiting for approvals. The machine has been installed right inside their washroom and any one can instantly get a pad at Rs. 10. It is a boon especially for those girls who find it difficult to open up about their periods to anyone. It is a sensitive step which would go a long way in providing girls a sense of inclusion and has garnered applause from the students.

Menstruation is a monthly phenomenon and the world usually turns a blind eye to all the basic necessities that it entails. Every woman is left to fend for herself while trying to create an illusion that all her days are the same. Since childhood girls are taught to relate menstruation with the feeling of shame and are taught to leave no stone unturned to hide this inescapable natural occurrence.

By taking this welcome step, the college authorities of AGDC has acted as a catalyst for change as they decided to have a dialogue about a forbidden topic and took a concrete step in the right direction. One college of Lucknow has taken the first step, here’s hoping for more colleges to follow suit.

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